Down with words!

When will you leave off writing and passing resolutions. When will this endless stream of words and documents cease at last, which threatens to drown our whole movement in needless and worthless scraps of paper? Newspapers, journals and leaflets are filled with tens of hundreds of loud and scathing resolutions that are not worth a broken copeck. Isn’t it time to talk less and act more?
Tell me yourselves – are all of your resolutions of much use? Has your situation been improved by resolutions? Have you helped anyone with your resolutions? No, a thousands times no!    Are there any among you who really believe that resolutions can get you anywhere? Each of them is as loud as the last; they are as similiar as drops of water.  These resolutions are beginning to act as chloroform on the working masses, stifling their fighting spirit and smothering the living cause of the revolution.
Enough. It’s time to stop this senseless game of words. We must understand that the present order of slavery, an order of violence and repression cannot be destroyed by the jericho trumpet call of resolutions.  The walls of capitalism are strong and can only be destroyed when the working class ceases to draft resolutions – resolutions which have little effect on their capitalitst masters – and begins to strengthen it’s class organizations for the earliest possibility transfer of the factories and shops to the hands of the proletariat and the land to the disposal of the labouring peasentry.
Down with words! Down with resolutions! Long live the Deed! Long live the creative work of the toilers.

Anna Vladimirova, “Doloi slovia!”, Golos Truda, 29 september 1917, P. 4.

Down with words!