I am my own minister, my own lawmaker, my own dictator, my own authority.

The unwillingness of the common people to rule over others and their desire, on the contrary , to abolish authority; their refusal to obey or to grovel; their instinctive tendency towards anarchy, to secure a true dictatoship of the proletariat rather than a fictitious one in the form of Executive Committees or Soviets, a dictatorship, that is, of the people themselves, the power of each person over himself- this is the true dictatorship of the individual.  I am my own minister, my own lawmaker, my own dictator, my own authority.  This is a real popular dictatorship, a natural, normal, psychological dictatorship. It is the most natural thing for an individual to possess psychological power, to exercise a psychological dictatorship over parts of his body, over his arms and legs, to dictate his own behaviour through the power of free action, the power to do what he feels is necessary.  This is the psychological, the only proper, natural and just dictatorship of free activity.  This is the ideal of Anarchy.
I am a person–and there is no authority higher than my “I”.
A.L and V.L. Gordin

“Nichego ne zabily i nichemu ne nauchilis”, Anarkhist(Roston-on-Don), 22 October 1917, pp. 1-2, abridged

I am my own minister, my own lawmaker, my own dictator, my own authority.

Isn’t it just a giant megaphone

well just how honest can someone be. I got all these high brow books but I haven’t read them.

O’ I’ve listened to many, many lectures about the books that describe the things I would like to understand

but I am not living that quest. I have not completely let go of all the superfluous trash that engages my mind.

Isn’t life something? I mean what do our brains do with all the repetition. To hear the same idea more than once—the exact same message on every single wavelength we can perceive. LOOK LISTEN AND NEVER STOP.

From them to you and you and you. Isn’t it just a giant megaphone that is both so loud and so subtle that it constitutes everything we experience and see.

people everywhere have no idea about anything they can’t even see.

I know from experience that people don’t know and structures and thoughts are not real. I mean seriously take some acid sometime and try and integrate that reality with the one you are living.

Habit and structure ARE identity. I often hear people tell me that I just am not the kind of person who does those things ,

that they are the kind of person who goes here at this time or I can’t do those types of things.

I wonder what people can do.

Idiots like the people who look for the answer in something genetic are doing what exactly?

Well on the one end they got all the consensual measurements of some physical matter configured in a certain way that leads more or less to large conglomerations of very complicated ordered matter.

The order of DNA is the stuff that keeps replicating itself over time. On the other end there are psychologists and they are into more the reality deforming and expanding notions

not found in those books and those spiritual practices

I believe I need to pursue.

I suppose abject failure in life

could be used as an instrument to

undermine these lofty or insane

ideals I supposedly subscribe to

I’m just a vain selfish person.

It truly is the self that impedes


If selfishness is a problem for me than

It must be a problem for others

My SELF as an individuated island

My self as it’s own originator gives

Me nothing.

If I were truly engaged in a relationship

With myself then where did we come from.

If there is only one self than how can that concept mean any thing.

I could say I’m being myself . but what the hell does that even mean?

But then what a bunch of semantic garbage.

‘If it can be said it does not exist’

What is so weird is that the biggest most infantile lies

Are so readily accepted.

But then almost no ideas need to be true

Because they aren’t contingent on any verification

Evolution or creation are just political ideas.

They are equivalent of the feud between

The Bosnian and they Serbians. “truth” is just an adjective signifying the one right.

Faith is just incipient fascism. Fascism is selfless.

Isn’t it just a giant megaphone