Goodbye To The New York Review Of Books

SO I’ve been reading a bit of the New York Review Of Books lately. I was thinking about subscribing. I’ve always thought of it as some kind of last bastion of thought in america. Unfortunately it currently offers nothing interesting. The articles seem like they were tossed off in an afternoon and were written from a template. There isn’t even anything interesting about its political opinion pieces. I read an article on a book of about Philosophy by Freeman Dyson. It was like something from Time Or Newsweek. It talked about personalities and anecdotes while dismissing philosophy as something that pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. The author names Heidegger and Wittgenstein saying that the former established Existentialism and the latter only wrote one book. He goes on to conclude that Heidegger”Lost all Credibility” after the early 30’s and sums up Wittgenstein by noting his tragic family situation which must have led him to write that first book. How utterly disappointing. Then there was that article published just after the election penned by Paul Volcker calling for some domestic austerity programs and to top it off there was a glowing review of the latest Spielberg Movie. I’m going to check out the London review of books and see if that is any better.

“And Not You” A Film By sorax


And Not You

All still and moving Photography By soraxtm (sorax)

All Music By Figment Topology (soraxtm (sorax))

All Editing by soraxtm (sorax)

Spoken Word Samples

1.”….Contract and secrete….” From a Physiology Lecture by Dr. Gerald Cizadlo (Dr. C)

2.  “We could wish to be moral, we could wish to be philosophically comforted, in fact, we could will these things with all our might, but the needed power wasn’t there. Our human resources, as marshalled by the will, were not sufficient; they failed utterly”..The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous)p.45, We Agnostics

4.”As long as we could believe with Descartes that if we knew something clearly and distinctly, we knew it, we were okay.” Rick Roderick From The Self Under Siege: Philosophy in the 20th Century (1993)  lecture one “The Masters Of Suspicion”. 5.”That’s the problem of false consciousness. That’s why it’s severe. It’s you could be absolutely clear you have no doubt, and it could be a pure abstract cultural mechanism, and not you… and not you” Rick Roderick From The Self Under Siege: Philosophy in the 20th Century (1993)  lecture one “The Masters Of Suspicion”

Figment Topology (The Poem With Photographs)

Figment Topology

In the past it seemed like
people could see me

like they might even
be able to perceive
extra aspects of myself
that I couldn’t
but now
I think I know
that I don’t exist
you see
The thing I had
seen as myself
was just a figment
I had misapprehended
as a construction
of others
I made that self
out of turning away
I’m actually just
the stuff
lying outside of that
Boxed in slide
I am not the spawn
of the projection
of other people

I may believe
they can see what shows up
in the world
to see

I am not
my body
I am not a
physical being
I am just a plane
that captures the waves
entering my senses
those things
that come inside,
and form
I’ll never
be sure

12 excuses to not do

  • Excuses not to do

  • 1. I am too angry

  • 2. I can’t think straight

  • 3. I am too depressed

  • 4. I am too tired

  • 5. doing is overrated

  • 6. anything I do is likely to be counter productive

  • 7. I am sure I will regret it later

  • 8. there isn’t anything worthwhile to do

  • 9. someone else has already done it..better

  • 10. perhaps not doing it will make a bigger statement

  • 11. my reasons for doing are corrupt

The 600 Most interesting things in the world Today. A List of Wikipedia Articles By SORAXTM

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 6-APB (talk | History)
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 Abiogenic petroleum origin (talk | History)
 Adapa (talk | History)
 Advance copy (talk | History)
 Afanasevo culture (talk | History)
 Agomelatine (talk | History)
 Akenfield (talk | History)
 Albert Salmi (talk | History)
 Alcoholics Anonymous (talk | History)
 Alexander Shulgin (talk | History)
 Almendres Cromlech (talk | History)
 Amazon Stonehenge (talk | History)
 Amelia Earhart (talk | History)
 American Freedom and Catholic Power (talk | History)
 Amotape complex (talk | History)
 Anadenanthera colubrina (talk | History)
 Anadenanthera peregrina (talk | History)
 Ancient astronauts (talk | History)
 Andaman Islands (talk | History)
 Androphagi (talk | History)
 Angel hair (folklore) (talk | History)
 Anomaly (talk | History)
 Anti-intellectualism (talk | History)
 Antimonial cup (talk | History)
 Antipodes Islands (talk | History)
 Apophenia (talk | History)
 Archaea (talk | History)
 Archaea/Talk (talk)
 Archaic Homo sapiens (talk | History)
 Archpoet (talk | History)
 Arkaim (talk | History)
 Arlington Springs Man (talk | History)
 Arsenic-based life (talk | History)
 Arsenic DNA (talk | History)
 Arsenic biochemistry (talk | History)
 Arseno-DNA (talk)
 Asemic writing (talk | History)
 Ash Ra Tempel (talk | History)
 Astrobiology (talk | History)
 Atapuerca Mountains (talk | History)
 Athelstan Spilhaus (talk | History)
 Australopithecus sediba (talk | History)
 Autonomism (talk | History)
 Ayahuasca (talk | History)
 Aymara language (talk | History)
 Aztec codices (talk | History)
 Azykh Cave (talk | History)
 B. R. Ambedkar (talk | History)
 Baby hatch (talk | History)
 Bacopa monnieri (talk | History)
 Ball lightning (talk | History)
 Barbara Newhall Follett (talk | History)
 Barbary macaques in Gibraltar (talk | History)
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 Bizarro fiction (talk | History)
 Black Athena (talk | History)
 Blombos Cave (talk | History)
 Blue Morpho Ayahuasca center (talk | History)
 Bluefish Caves (talk | History)
 Bodhi Tree (talk | History)
 Bodysong (talk | History)
 Book of Imaginary Beings (talk | History)
 Border Cave (talk | History)
 Bousso’s holographic bound (talk | History)
 Boyar (talk | History)
 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (talk | History)
 Brasil (mythical island) (talk | History)
 Brazil (mythical island) (talk | History)
 Brendon Small (talk | History)
 Bruno Latour (talk | History)
 Brú na Bóinne (talk | History)
 Buena Vista, Peru (talk | History)
 Buhl woman (talk | History)
 Buprenorphine (talk | History)
 Bupropion (talk | History)
 Business Plot (talk | History)
 Báb (talk | History)
 CBS Radio Mystery Theater (talk | History)
 CYP3A4 (talk | History)
 Cabergoline (talk | History)
 Cactus Hill (talk | History)
 Cajamarquilla (talk | History)
 Calico Early Man Site (talk | History)
 Callejón de Huaylas (talk | History)
 Cambeba (talk | History)
 Cambeba people (talk | History)
 Cannabinoid receptor (talk | History)
 Cannabis (drug) (talk | History)
 Cannibalism (zoology) (talk | History)
 Caral (talk | History)
 Carbogen (talk | History)
 Carbonado (talk | History)
 Carlos Castaneda (talk | History)
 Carmina Burana (talk | History)
 Carnac stones (talk | History)
 Carolina Bay (talk | History)
 Cascajal Block (talk | History)
 Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis (talk | History)
 Catherine Malabou (talk | History)
 Cave of Altamira (talk | History)
 Ceres (dwarf planet) (talk | History)
 Chan-Chan (talk | History)
 Chartalism (talk | History)
 Chavín culture (talk | History)
 Chavín de Huantar (talk | History)
 Chris McKinstry (talk | History)
 Christina Stead (talk | History)
 Chrysiogenes arsenatis (talk | History)
 Chumash people (talk | History)
 City of the Caesars (talk | History)
 Cliodynamics (talk | History)
 Clovis culture (talk | History)
 Color vision (talk | History)
 Columbian Exchange (talk | History)
 Columbian Mammoth (talk | History)
 Communication Management Unit (talk | History)
 Communist Mutants from Space (talk | History)
 Constantine Samuel Rafinesque (talk | History)
 Cookware and bakeware (talk | History)
 Criollismo (talk | History)
 Cross-cultural psychiatry (talk | History)
 Cryptic species complex (talk | History)
 Ctistae (talk | History)
 Cueva de las Manos (talk | History)
 Culture-bound syndrome (talk | History)
 Dancing mania (talk | History)
 Datura stramonium (talk | History)
 David Manning (fictitious writer) (talk | History)
 Denisova hominin (talk | History)
 Dennis Worden (talk | History)
 Denton Welch (talk | History)
 Derinkuyu Underground City (talk | History)
 Dialectical behavior therapy (talk | History)
 Dione (moon) (talk | History)
 Doctrine of mental reservation (talk | History)
 Double-nosed Andean tiger hound (talk | History)
 Dresden Codex (talk | History)
 Drunken trees (talk | History)
 Duclod Man (talk | History)
 Dušan Makavejev (talk | History)
 Dyatlov Pass incident (talk | History)
 Easterlin paradox (talk | History)
 Ebers Papyrus (talk | History)
 Ebu Gogo (talk | History)
 Echinopsis pachanoi (talk | History)
 Edward Albee (talk | History)
 El Abra (talk | History)
 El Dorado (talk | History)
 Electronic Quarterback (talk | History)
 Emergence (talk | History)
 Enceladus (moon) (talk | History)
 Encephalitis lethargica (talk | History)
 Endolith (talk | History)
 Entropic gravity (talk | History)
 Epigenetics (talk | History)
 Ergotism (talk | History)
 Ether addiction (talk | History)
 Euphoria (talk | History)
 Eve of Naharon (talk | History)
 Exploding head syndrome (talk | History)
 Extreme points of Earth (talk | History)
 Extremophile (talk | History)
 Felisa Wolfe-Simon (talk | History)
 Ferdydurke (talk | History)
 Fernando Pessoa (talk | History)
 Fleet in being (talk | History)
 Flow (psychology) (talk | History)
 Foo fighter (talk | History)
 Fossa (animal) (talk | History)
 Foxing (talk | History)
 Francisco de Orellana (talk | History)
 Frank Buchman (talk | History)
 Frank N. D. Buchman (talk | History)
 Friedrich Nietzsche (talk | History)
 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (talk | History)
 Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant (talk | History)
 Fusang (talk | History)
 GFAJ-1 (talk | History)
 Garamantes (talk | History)
 Gene therapy (talk | History)
 General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon (talk | History)
 Genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas (talk | History)
 George Gurdjieff (talk | History)
 Georges Lakhovsky (talk | History)
 Ghibli Museum (talk | History)
 Giant freshwater stingray (talk | History)
 Gibraltar Barbary Macaques (talk | History)
 Gibraltar Barbary macaque (talk | History)
 Gigantopithecus (talk | History)
 Gilles Deleuze (talk | History)
 Giorgio Agamben (talk | History)
 Girdle book (talk | History)
 Glass–Steagall Act (talk | History)
 Glial cell (talk | History)
 Golden hat (talk | History)
 Gorham’s Cave (talk | History)
 Gough Island (talk | History)
 Gradeshnitsa tablets (talk | History)
 Grande Hotel Beira (talk | History)
 Graphene (talk | History)
 Great Filter (talk | History)
 Great Zimbabwe (talk | History)
 Grooves (archaeology) (talk | History)
 Guabonito (crater) (talk | History)
 Guanajuato, Guanajuato (talk | History)
 Gullah (talk | History)
 Gustave (crocodile) (talk | History)
 Göbekli Tepe (talk | History)
 Hallucinogen (talk | History)
 Hallucinogenic drugs/Talk (talk)
 Handwaving (talk | History)
 Hans Moravec (talk | History)
 Haplogroup M (Y-DNA) (talk | History)
 Haplogroup N1a (mtDNA) (talk | History)
 Haplogroup R1a (Y-DNA) (talk | History)
 Haplogroup X (mtDNA) (talk | History)
 Happiness (talk | History)
 Hardtack (talk | History)
 Hare Psychopathy Checklist (talk | History)
 Harmine (talk | History)
 Hedonic treadmill (talk | History)
 Heikegani (talk | History)
 Heinrich Mann (talk | History)
 Helena Blavatsky (talk | History)
 Helike (talk | History)
 Henri-Georges Clouzot (talk | History)
 Herðubreið (talk | History)
 Hessdalen light (talk | History)
 Hierophany (talk | History)
 High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (talk | History)
 Hikikomori (talk | History)
 History of Indigenous Australians (talk | History)
 History of perpetual motion machines (talk | History)
 Holographic principle (talk | History)
 Holy Grail (talk | History)
 Homo antecessor (talk | History)
 Homo economicus (talk | History)
 Homo erectus soloensis (talk | History)
 Homo floresiensis (talk | History)
 Homo gautengensis (talk | History)
 Homo reciprocans (talk | History)
 Homo sacer (talk | History)
 Homo sapiens idaltu (talk | History)
 Hovenweep National Monument (talk | History)
 Hugo Chávez (talk | History)
 Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup (talk | History)
 Hungarian language (talk | History)
 Hypergraphy (talk | History)
 Hypothetical types of biochemistry (talk | History)
 Iapetus (moon) (talk | History)
 Icarians (talk | History)
 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (talk | History)
 Inaccessible Island Rail (talk | History)
 Induced gravity (talk | History)
 Indus Valley Civilization (talk | History)
 Industrial Workers of the World (talk | History)
 Insular dwarfism (talk | History)
 Integrative level (talk | History)
 Intelligent falling (talk | History)
 Io (moon) (talk | History)
 Irish Traveller (talk | History)
 Iron–sulfur world theory (talk | History)
 Irulas (talk | History)
 Isla Escudo de Veraguas (talk | History)
 Ivy Compton-Burnett (talk | History)
 Jack Black (author) (talk | History)
 Jacques Futrelle (talk | History)
 Jacques Lacan (talk | History)
 Jane Bowles (talk | History)
 Janice Rule (talk | History)
 Jean Hay Bright (talk | History)
 Jevons paradox (talk | History)
 John Brockman (literary agent) (talk | History)
 John Brunner (novelist) (talk | History)
 John P. Wheeler III (talk | History)
 John Scolvus (talk | History)
 John Thomas Sladek (talk | History)
 Johnson Family (talk | History)
 Joseph Stiglitz (talk | History)
 Julien Coupat (talk | History)
 Just-world hypothesis (talk | History)
 Just-world phenomenon (talk | History)
 Jwalapuram (talk | History)
 Kamacite (talk | History)
 Karaite Judaism (talk | History)
 Kazuo Ishiguro (talk | History)
 Ketamine (talk | History)
 Kingdom of Mutapa (talk | History)
 Knap of Howar (talk | History)
 Kondratiev wave (talk | History)
 Kotosh (talk | History)
 Kuelap (talk | History)
 Kundalini syndrome (talk | History)
 L-form bacteria (talk | History)
 L. Ron Hubbard (talk | History)
 LGBT topics and Vodou (talk | History)
 LGBT topics and Voodoo (talk | History)
 La Viuda Island (talk | History)
 Ladislas Starevich (talk | History)
 Lady Be Good (aircraft) (talk | History)
 Lago de Atitlán (talk | History)
 Lagoa Santa (talk | History)
 Lake Monoun (talk | History)
 Lake Vostok (talk | History)
 Lame Deer (talk | History)
 Lansing Man (talk | History)
 Lanzón (talk | History)
 Last universal ancestor (talk | History)
 Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar (talk | History)
 Lettrism (talk | History)
 Liang Bua (talk | History)
 Libertarian socialism (talk | History)
 Life on Titan (talk | History)
 Lightning rod (talk | History)
 Liliana Cavani (talk | History)
 Limnic eruption (talk | History)
 Line break (poetry) (talk | History)
 Lion man of the Hohlenstein Stadel (talk | History)
 Lionel Shriver (talk | History)
 List of Guano Island claims (talk | History)
 List of artifacts significant to archaeoastronomy (talk | History)
 List of colossal sculpture in situ (talk | History)
 List of human evolution fossils (talk | History)
 List of models who died during their careers in the 21st century (talk | History)
 List of people who disappeared mysteriously (talk | History)
 List of people who have been pied (talk | History)
 List of portmanteaus (talk | History)
 List of psilocybin mushrooms (talk | History)
 List of the oldest buildings in the world (talk | History)
 List of uninhabited regions (talk | History)
 List of worker cooperatives (talk | History)
 Little Salt Spring (talk | History)
 Loneliness (talk | History)
 Lost City of Z (talk | History)
 Lost city (talk | History)
 Louis Althusser (talk | History)
 Louis Farrakhan (talk | History)
 Lucayan (talk | History)
 Lucayan people (talk | History)
 Luzia Woman (talk | History)
 MDAI (talk | History)
 MDAT (talk | History)
 Machine elf (talk | History)
 Magicicada (talk | History)
 Magnetophosphene (talk | History)
 Manna (talk | History)
 Marajoara culture (talk | History)
 Marcel Mauss (talk | History)
 Mark Kingwell (talk | History)
 Mass Psychogenic Illness (talk | History)
 Mass psychogenic illness (talk | History)
 Matcha (talk | History)
 Maurice A. FitzGerald (talk | History)
 Mayaguana (talk | History)
 Meadowcroft Rockshelter (talk | History)
 Mean World Syndrome (talk | History)
 Media cross-ownership in the United States (talk | History)
 Medical explanations of bewitchment (talk | History)
 Megaherb (talk | History)
 Meromictic lake (talk | History)
 Metallic Metals Act (talk | History)
 Metaphysics of presence (talk | History)
 Methoxetamine (talk | History)
 Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (talk | History)
 Methylhexanamine (talk | History)
 Methylphenidate (talk | History)
 Michael Taussig (talk | History)
 Military–industrial–media complex (talk | History)
 Millingstone Horizon (talk | History)
 Milnacipran (talk | History)
 Mimivirus (talk | History)
 Moclobemide (talk | History)
 Mohamed ElBaradei (talk | History)
 Molecular anthropology (talk | History)
 Monte Verde (talk | History)
 Mountain Beaver (talk | History)
 Msoura (talk | History)
 Mu Opioid receptor (talk | History)
 My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (talk | History)
 My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky (talk | History)
 NESARA (talk | History)
 N ray (talk | History)
 Na-Dene languages (talk | History)
 Nan Madol (talk | History)
 Nanobacterium (talk | History)
 Nanobe (talk | History)
 Narcosynthesis (talk | History)
 Natalee Holloway (talk | History)
 Natufian culture (talk | History)
 Nebra sky disk (talk | History)
 Neft Daşları (talk | History)
 Negative income tax (talk | History)
 Neolithic Subpluvial (talk | History)
 Neuroglia (talk | History)
 Nevalı Çori (talk | History)
 News International phone hacking scandal (talk | History)
 Nias (talk | History)
 Nicolas Roeg (talk | History)
 Nihilist cipher (talk | History)
 Nociceptin receptor (talk | History)
 Norte Chico civilization (talk | History)
 Nothing (talk | History)
 Occupy Wall Street (talk | History)
 Oil Rocks (talk | History)
 Old Stone Fort (Tennessee) (talk | History)
 Olduvai theory (talk | History)
 Ontario Lacus (talk | History)
 Operation Anti-Security (talk | History)
 Operation AntiSec (talk | History)
 Operation Northwoods (talk | History)
 Orang Mawas (talk | History)
 Orang Pendek (talk | History)
 P. D. Ouspensky (talk | History)
 Paco Ignacio Taibo II (talk | History)
 Paisley Caves (talk | History)
 Paititi (talk | History)
 Paradox of hedonism (talk | History)
 Pareidolia (talk | History)
 Patagon (talk | History)
 Pathetic fallacy (talk | History)
 Patterned ground (talk | History)
 Paul Otlet (talk | History)
 Pedra Furada sites (talk | History)
 Peter Kropotkin (talk | History)
 Phaistos Disc (talk | History)
 Phantom time hypothesis (talk | History)
 Pharmacological Calvinism (talk | History)
 Pharmahuasca (talk | History)
 Philolaus (talk | History)
 Pictish stones (talk | History)
 Piedra Museo (talk | History)
 Pikimachay (talk | History)
 Pinnacle Point (talk | History)
 Point cloud (talk | History)
 Pole shift hypothesis (talk | History)
 Politico-media complex (talk | History)
 Polydimethylsiloxane (talk | History)
 Post-Fordism (talk | History)
 Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact (talk | History)
 Pre-Socratic philosophy (talk | History)
 Presolar grains (talk | History)
 Prester John (talk | History)
 Profanum (talk | History)
 Proletarian revolution (talk | History)
 Proof by intimidation (talk | History)
 Propaganda Due (talk | History)
 Psilocybe (talk | History)
 Psychonautics (talk | History)
 Purple drank (talk | History)
 Pygmy Mammoth (talk | History)
 Pyrrhonism (talk | History)
 Quantum dot (talk | History)
 Quantum gravity (talk | History)
 Quark (TV series) (talk | History)
 Quentin Meillassoux (talk | History)
 R. A. Lafferty (talk | History)
 Raymond Allen Davis incident (talk | History)
 Recommended Records (talk | History)
 Red Army Faction (talk | History)
 Red mercury (talk | History)
 Red rain in Kerala (talk | History)
 Redemption movement (talk | History)
 Rei Kawakubo (talk | History)
 Rhodiola rosea (talk | History)
 Richard Yates (novelist) (talk | History)
 Roanoke Colony (talk | History)
 Robert Anton Wilson (talk | History)
 Roberto Bolaño (talk | History)
 Ronald Blythe (talk | History)
 Ross Island (Andaman) (talk | History)
 Sailing stones (talk | History)
 Saint Helena (talk | History)
 Salvia divinorum (talk | History)
 Samuel Youd (talk | History)
 Saola (talk | History)
 Scrying (talk | History)
 Secret Museum, Naples (talk | History)
 SecurID (talk | History)
 Selknam people (talk | History)
 Sentinelese people (talk | History)
 Serenity Prayer (talk | History)
 Serotonin (talk | History)
 Settlement of the Americas (talk | History)
 Shadow biosphere (talk | History)
 Shakespeare Apocrypha (talk | History)
 Shakespeare authorship question (talk | History)
 Shakespeare authorship question/Overlapping history (talk)
 Shakespeare authorship question/sandbox draft2 (talk)
 Shame (talk | History)
 Sheeple (talk | History)
 Shompen (talk | History)
 Shompen people (talk | History)
 Sibudu Cave (talk | History)
 Sican culture (talk | History)
 Silence Day (talk | History)
 Sinclair Lewis (talk | History)
 Singapore Stone (talk | History)
 Skara Brae (talk | History)
 Skhul and Qafzeh hominids (talk | History)
 Slacktivism (talk | History)
 Slavoj Žižek (talk | History)
 Social isolation (talk | History)
 Society for Indecency to Naked Animals (talk | History)
 Socotra (talk | History)
 Sokal affair (talk | History)
 Solar retinopathy (talk | History)
 South Sudan (talk | History)
 Sovereign citizen movement (talk | History)
 Spade-toothed whale (talk | History)
 Spine shelving (talk | History)
 Spirit Cave mummy (talk | History)
 Sprite (lightning) (talk | History)
 St. Michael’s Cave (talk | History)
 Stalin’s poetry (talk | History)
 Standard & Poor’s (talk | History)
 Stanisław Lem (talk | History)
 Stanisław Przybyszewski (talk | History)
 Star Maker (talk | History)
 Starpath Supercharger (talk | History)
 Steve Aylett (talk | History)
 Strabo (talk | History)
 Subcomandante Marcos (talk | History)
 Sungazing (talk | History)
 Super Scrabble (talk | History)
 Superflat (talk | History)
 Sur (magazine) (talk | History)
 Sweating sickness (talk | History)
 Takashi Murakami (talk | History)
 Tarantism (talk | History)
 Tarim mummies (talk | History)
 Task Force 373 (talk | History)
 Technological singularity (talk | History)
 Ted Hope (talk | History)
 Tehuelche people (talk | History)
 Tenerife (talk | History)
 Tennessee (talk | History)
 Terra Indigena Uru-Eu-Uaw-Uaw (talk | History)
 Tetepare Island (talk | History)
 Thaw (weather) (talk | History)
 The Fountain of Youth (film) (talk | History)
 The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana (talk | History)
 The Other Campaign (talk | History)
 The Other Side of the Wind (talk | History)
 The Pale King (talk | History)
 The Penultimate Truth (talk | History)
 The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (talk | History)
 The Tree of Life (film) (talk | History)
 The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag (talk | History)
 The Venture Bros. (talk | History)
 Theodore Roszak (scholar) (talk | History)
 Thomas Gold (talk | History)
 Thomas Mann (talk | History)
 TiHKAL (talk | History)
 Tianyuan man (talk | History)
 Tiger Stripes (Enceladus) (talk | History)
 Tiqqun (talk | History)
 Titan (moon) (talk | History)
 Tiwanaku (talk | History)
 Tlapacoya (Mesoamerican site) (talk | History)
 Toba catastrophe theory (talk | History)
 Tocharian languages (talk | History)
 Topa Inca Yupanqui (talk | History)
 Topper (archaeological site) (talk | History)
 Toromona people (talk | History)
 Tragedy of the commons (talk | History)
 Treasure of Groß Sankt Nikolaus (talk | History)
 Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós (talk | History)
 Trundholm sun chariot (talk | History)
 Tuareg people (talk | History)
 Tumulus (talk | History)
 Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army (talk | History)
 Turboencabulator (talk | History)
 Turtle Island (North America) (talk | History)
 Twilight sleep (talk | History)
 Túpac Inca Yupanqui (talk | History)
 Túpac Katari (talk | History)
 Ugaritic alphabet (talk | History)
 Ugaritic script (talk | History)
 Ultraist movement (talk | History)
 Ultramicrobacteria (talk | History)
 Uncanny valley (talk | History)
 Undeciphered writing systems (talk | History)
 Unexplained disappearances (talk | History)
 União do Vegetal (talk | History)
 Upper Paleolithic (talk | History)
 Ursula and Sabina Eriksson (talk | History)
 Veblen good (talk | History)
 Ventarron (talk | History)
 Venus of Hohle Fels (talk | History)
 Visby lenses (talk | History)
 Voynich manuscript (talk | History)
 Washingtonian movement (talk | History)
 Who is a Jew? (talk | History)
 William Shakespeare authorship question (talk | History)
 Wishing well (talk | History)
 Witch ball (talk | History)
 World view (talk | History)
 Wrangel Island (talk | History)
 Younger Dryas event (talk | History)
 Younger Dryas impact hypothesis (talk | History)
 Yuchi (talk | History)
 Zeno brothers (talk | History)
 Zuni (talk | History)
 Zuni people (talk | History)
 Μ-opioid receptor (talk | History)

The 32 most Interesting Wikipedia Categories By soraxtm

 Category:Ailments of unknown etiology (talk | History)
 Category:Anomalous weather (talk | History)
 Category:Archaic period in the Americas (talk | History)
 Category:Book collecting (talk | History)
 Category:Castaways (talk | History)
 Category:Conspiracy theories (talk | History)
 Category:Conspiracy theorists (talk | History)
 Category:Cryptids (talk | History)
 Category:Early species of Homo (talk | History)
 Category:Extremaduran explorers (talk | History)
 Category:Fringe theories (talk | History)
 Category:High-importance Archaeology articles (talk | History)
 Category:High-importance pharmacology articles (talk | History)
 Category:Hoaxes (talk | History)
 Category:Lists of lists (talk | History)
 Category:Lists of things considered unusual (talk | History)
 Category:Lost cities and towns (talk | History)
 Category:Mesoamerican codices (talk | History)
 Category:Mysteries (talk | History)
 Category:Mythological cities and towns (talk | History)
 Category:Nonexistent people (talk | History)
 Category:People lost at sea (talk | History)
 Category:Psychedelia (talk | History)
 Category:Secret places (talk | History)
 Category:Undeciphered writing systems (talk | History)
 Category:Unexplained disappearances (talk | History)
 Category:Unfinished books (talk | History)
 Category:Unidentified flying objects (talk | History)
 Category:Unsolved deaths or murders (talk | History)
 Category:WikiProject Alternative Views articles (talk | History)
 Category:Wikipedia controversial topics (talk | History)

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FassbinderBuster KeatonJohn Cassavetes,Michelangelo AntonioniHerbert MarcuseFredric JamesonSlavoj Žižek,Sigmund FreudJoseph ConradJean-Paul SartreAnton ChekhovJames JoyceKafkaShakespeareFaulknerSamuel BeckettAmnesty International NorwayAmnistía Internacional EEUUAmnesty International USA Mid-Atlantic RegionAmnesty International UKAmnesty International AustraliaAmnesty International FranceAmnesty International – ItaliaAmnesty International-IrelandAmnesty International Mid-West OfficeHR 2306: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011Bernie SandersTax The RichOccupy CaliforniaBerkeley CopwatchWe are the 99%Operation Fullerton#opBART,Occupy Petaluma#OccupyWichitaI Support OccupyWallStStop Coddling the RichWall Street Camp Out – #OccupyWallStreet – Protest – Viva La Revolucion,US UncutTNDayofRageOccupy COMOOccupy SarasotaOccupy Tucson,#occupywallstreetOccupy MercedOccupy England, Scotland, Wales and Northern IrelandThe New DealOccupy Louisville – Solidarity with Occupy Wall StreetOccupy DCOccupy Las VegasOccupy Federal ReserveOccupy Hawaii,Occupy Louisville KYOccupy L.AOccupy USAOccupy Vermont-Burlington,Occupy Rogue ValleyOccupy OUOccupy GainesvilleOccupy Jacksonville,Occupy Kansas CityOccupy Wall Street (Knoxville)Occupy Wall Street(Berea,KY.)Occupy MinneapolisOccupy AmericaOccupy New Jersey,The Yes MenAnonymous TexasGuernicaAlterNetThe Nation Magazine,Occupy OrlandoMedia: how about televising Occupy Wall Street?Anonymous HackersAnonymousOccupy Rochester NYDr. Cornel WestLos Angeles Food Not BombsSeattle Food Not BombsFood Not Bombs San DiegoFood Not BombsBoycott Burger KingNorth Philly Food Not BombsOrlando Food Not BombsOccupy HollywoodOccupy San FranciscoOccupySacramentoOccupy ColumbusOccupy LouisvilleOccupy AshevilleOccupy RichmondOccupy MiamiDemand Peace NowglobalrevolutionOccupy San Diego“Occupy Wall Street” Protest support in PhoenixOccupyMNOccupy Toronto Market Exchange#OccupyClevelandOccupy San FranciscoOccupy DenverOccupy New OrleansOccupy North GeorgiaOccupy SLCOccupy TulsaOccupy IndianapolisOccupy San JoseOccupy TampaOccupy Houston#Occupy the WorldAsheville Day of SolidarityOccupyMaineOccupy OSU (Oklahoma State University)Occupy Birmingham#OccupyYoungstownOccupy Binghamton,Occupy PittsburghHuman Rights Watch#TAKETHESQUARE OCT. 15, 2011,#OCCUPYDC Oct. 6, 2011Occupy CincinnatiOccupy RichmondOccupy RenoOccupy ArkansasOccupy OmahaOccupy NebraskaOccupyjaxFL,Occupy the London Stock ExchangeOccupy BrisbaneCarpool to #Occupy WallstreetOccupy the New York TimesOccupy Philadelphia#OccupySF,Photography Is Not A Crime!Amnesty International Southern OfficeAmnesty International USAOccupy F@cebookOccupy PortlandOccupy DetroitOccupy MichiganOccupy EuropeOccupy Santa CruzOccupy Mainstream Media,Occupy FloridaAnonymousOccupy AustinOccupy DallasOccupy Buffalo,Occupy CanadaOccupy AppletonOccupy MadisonOccupy MilwaukeeOccupy ChicagoNorman FinkelsteinHemptress DecemberIrom Chanu Sharmila,SATORIOccupy SacramentoOccupy Seattle#OWSNashvilleOccupy NashvilleReclaim the Streets and Reclaim Our CountryOccupy Wall St.,Occupy TogetherOccupy Financial District SF#OccupyX#OccupyPhoenix,Occupy Los AngelesOccupy BostonOCCUPY ATLANTAIraq and afghanistan veterans and friends in support of occupywallst.MoMA On FilmKino InternationalVisible EvidenceMedia History Digital LibraryOccupy Wall Street – September 17thPalestinian Centre for Human RightsIntelligence Squared,Ken RussellRevitalising Spirit, Soul and Bodydiaspora*The Long Goodbye,Amnesty InternationalTruthdigAnonymous North CarolinaJoseph E. 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