What all this is leading to…New Film Posted

Here is a film called soraxtm.

It represents the first of a kind of fi

I want to be able to mix the visual with the aural over time in a way kind of like a piece of music or an essay.

I want things to repeat and come back I want every image to be there for it’s own sake.

I want to drive people out of themselves so they can learn to see where they are at

before they are dead

It’s got it all.

bits of thought coming out of there mouths

mixed on top of original sounds using

various kinds of photography and digital video

Someday I hope to find a way to render these films out to 1080p or more but so far it hasn’t happened yet

It finally all went together the way I wanted it to.
It is Multi-layered(I have always been interested in seeing or making a film with more than one visual layer simultaneously projected ever since I was read about Erich von Stroheim‘s Greed or was it some Abel Gance film that had like seven layers.)  I guess I must have always associated that as one on the truly out there concepts in film-making.
It’s got overlapping dialog like Altman had especially in that one film only in this case it’s from unrelated threads of dialogue.
It’s got tons and tons of the sounds I’ve been making from samples and virtual instruments.
It’s got a a large selection of my HDR  panorama’s .

The intent of the work is to begin to clear the path.
It is meant to be watched and listened to repeatedly
at varying level of attention

As far as the audio samples.

Various phrases and short snippets of different recordings were used.
Rick Roderick is heard from his Self under Siege series of philosophy lectures he did for the Teaching Company.
J.G. Ballard From his Kingdom Come Novel as read by somebody.
all sorts of other stuff.
It also has a few snippets of philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

The equipment I used was
Olympus E-410
Canon EOS 7d

Sony Vegas 9
Sony Sound Forge 10
Fruity Loops Studio 9
Adobe Lightroom 1,2,3
Adobe CS2/3/4
Autopano Pro 2.4
Photomatix Pro
AVS video converter

What all this is leading to…New Film Posted