Screw your goddamn bloody corpse god

Evil Baptist Fascists
Evil Baptist Fascists

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Fuck all of you
Christians, Muslims and Jews

I feel like fisting
then rolling his sorry ass over
and taking a nice long piss all over his
outraged face

I feel like taking handfuls of my own shit
and shoving it
down his
goddamn throat.

And to those who “follow”
don’t you know that
your faith and idealism
is a virus that wipes out your conscious

the physical suffering you glorify
is all you end up producing

I suppose Gods is just a sadist
and when you get right down to it
isn’t that the big payoff for
you meek little sheep

you get to imagine the lions burning
in some imaginary hell



and there are
people going to hell
and it is you and you and you

goddamn bastards

Screw your goddamn bloody corpse god