unipolar terror cell

Don’t Hide. It Is As It Was.

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What’s with all the hand holding
your protests are pathetic.
You don’t need a leader
you just need to take an action.

Say the next time you see a a huge SUV
In a place without cameras just KEY the
hell out of it (nope i got a better idea. You could
put those stickers you can’t remove on the cars
. For example you put a sticker that says(My dick
can fit it the trunk on the little sport cars or Maybe
some nazi sticker over a religous bumper sticker)
Why not?
Where does that money go?
Body work businesses.
no one needs to tell you to do it
no one needs a plan.

Hell learn how to build a bomb.
Even a little tiny one would cause some ridiculous

never ever hurt any one
is not sacred.
Ownership is a consensual delusion.

rolling over and accepting that huge static
steel rod in your un-lubricated ass
is what really hurts

unipolar terror cell