deep down, some rich people understand

Well I believe, deep down, some rich people understand that they wouldn’t be rich if there were not poor people. However they also desperately want to believe that there is something above or beyond this world of banal and seemingly unfair facticity. If they were forced to see the world as it is then they would need to realize that they are in large part to blame what is “actually” wrong in the world today.  Modern art allows rich people to step over the homeless person.  The modern art museum is a church of the elite.  The appreciation of the art in them is as much a consequence of faith as the belief in Jesus is in an evangelical Christian.  This is why there is so much more care shown in the building of new museums than in the building of new churches.
A Christian church exists to propagate  a world view that this world is only temporary and that ones real life begins after death when one is transported to another world.
The museum serves a view that is more like that of the despotic King.  This world is where we are and we are the winners.  It is our opinions that truly matter, we are the value-generating beings in this world.  Immortality lies in the acceptance that over time  our opinion will be the ones…..

Or whatever
it’s fun to think about anyway

deep down, some rich people understand