What Did You Remember Yesterday

There is this Guy I heard about.  I was listening to those lectures in the car,driving around.  Some writer named Mircea Eliade.  I was some lecture deal and the professor was very excited.  I just looked it up-Hierophany

By manifesting itself as ideal models, the sacred gives the world value, direction, and purpose: “The manifestation of the sacred ontologically founds the world”.[4] According to this view, all things need to imitate or conform to the sacred models established by hierophanies in order to have true reality: to traditional man, things “acquire their reality, their identity, only to the extent of their participation in a transcendent reality”.[5]

Does this mean anything?

What kind of information is this?

I think it has something to with duality.  Like the forms of Plato.  There exists some other thing, some epiphenomenon.  Like the mind body deal. So to participate in a ritual is to place oneself in the realm of the forms outside of time.

Well that’s good and well so now where is your brain? or is it the consciousness in the brain that you Identify with?

Isn’t this a crucial question for you or is it just beside the point.

I was listening the the BBC 4 show in our times last night in the car and they had these(as the seem always to) really engaging scientists talking about the current research in neuroscience.  There are tests that show people start to do things before they are conscious of it.  Some people in deep comas had brains that would light up when they were told to imaging service in tennis.  The brains lit up just like a conscious person told to do the same task.  Looking this up in the on google led to the article.  However it isn’t pitched the same way on the show.  The Scientists assumed the the parts of the brain that lit up were a motor memory or something automatic like that.

They also related the fact that people are actually not conscious the majority of the time and when they were found to be conscious their brain had already made the decision before they consciously decided anything.

That is so intriguing I wonder why I hadn’t heard of it before. But of course I hadn’t heard of it before I don’t listen to the media and I haven’t been checking the science sites lately.

All I can do lately is listen to In our Times and pray to god I end up somewhere with a larger population of intellectuals.

What Did You Remember Yesterday