Don’t nothin’ mean nobody to no one no how

I don’t know what the worth of anything is.
You can’t tell me there is such a thing a common sense any more.
Common sense is I am a murderer cuz I paid my taxes.
Common sense there are people starving and I’m fat.
no there is no sense
and no feelings matter and this doesn’t matter
and matter isn’t matter and energy became matter because light is bent
by nothing

and there really was nothing and now……………. something

you can’t tell me boy

no they can talk to the dead and there are ghosts down the road
this deal here gots perpetual motion

and you can’t tell me nothing and you can’t hug me

don’t tell me you know what Dylan means he don’t mean a thing
and when I stop to think and when I stop to think
don’t tell me you know what the..
no one does
and you can wrap your arms around me and I will
hold you and I will hold tight and I will pray to no one
that you believe in something
because I need it
to be that way

Don’t nothin’ mean nobody to no one no how

Absolutely as False as You Are

tears dripping from my eyes

She was over

People talked of her struggle
and of relief it was done.

that girl was scared to death
and had no where to go.

So she died alone.
There wasn’t a note


she was drunk as hell when she
took whatever ended up ending it all.

she stopped
it was over
her body

her body

was there for there for three days

in a chapel
I stood with my head down
gazing through the drops of water forming on my eyeballs
her father stopped talking and a pastor came up

and attempted to

shove all that feeling into some kind of lesson

having to do
with some fucking bloody corpse on some cross and some
guy named Paul.

fuck him
Does He Even understand suffering.
It doesn’t glorify people
it destroys them.
A suffering person is a person who gets blamed.

The glorification of Suffering is a symptom of a sick soul.
the person I am closest to told me that the worst possible thing
would be to live a long life.
how being around people sucked the life out of her
how she would gladly give her life for that of a cat

and then few hours later I lost all desire to do anything

Absolutely as False as You Are

Like there is gonna come a time

Like there is gonna come a time
like we’ll make it all right
like nothing is anything

No Place Doesn't Exist
No Place Does Not Exist

like no one is there
like all it does it hurt
like there is no going anywhere

like it’s all right here in my hand
like it could all be over
in a minute
and it would
not matter at all

Like there is gonna come a time