Goodbye To The New York Review Of Books

SO I’ve been reading a bit of the New York Review Of Books lately. I was thinking about subscribing. I’ve always thought of it as some kind of last bastion of thought in america. Unfortunately it currently offers nothing interesting. The articles seem like they were tossed off in an afternoon and were written from a template. There isn’t even anything interesting about its political opinion pieces. I read an article on a book of about Philosophy by Freeman Dyson. It was like something from Time Or Newsweek. It talked about personalities and anecdotes while dismissing philosophy as something that pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. The author names Heidegger and Wittgenstein saying that the former established Existentialism and the latter only wrote one book. He goes on to conclude that Heidegger”Lost all Credibility” after the early 30’s and sums up Wittgenstein by noting his tragic family situation which must have led him to write that first book. How utterly disappointing. Then there was that article published just after the election penned by Paul Volcker calling for some domestic austerity programs and to top it off there was a glowing review of the latest Spielberg Movie. I’m going to check out the London review of books and see if that is any better.

Goodbye To The New York Review Of Books

New HD video “Lacan Hangs Up on St. Paul”

Original Music,sound design,cinematography,photography,editing soraxtm

I’m saying that because is it involves the use of some new tool and it finally feels like I had enough varied stuff to put something coherent together.  “If you fail to understand the precise point the film is making than you have not understood it.”

So the name of the Film is

You may wonder how this related to the material but given the constraints of time I have decided to construct a longer more ruminated on piece of “film” and therefore certain aspects may only become concrete after a few episodes.
You may also question the style of the video and my only comment there is that time is what is needed.  Time and huge embracing screens or isolation tanks filled with salt and wired for video.


“Some have asked if I did not feel lonesome”
“If there were anyone else”

Henry David Thoreau Walden
From the Librivox recording

“Leading A modest life in an Idyllic fake… ….staged to keep him satisfied.”

Is not the ultimate American paranoiac fantasy that of an individual living in a small idyllic Californian city, a consummerist paradise, who suddenly starts to suspect that the world he lives in is a fake, a spectatle staged to convince him that he lives in a real world, while all people around him are effectively actors and extras in a gigantic show? The most recent example of this is Peter Weir’s The Truman Show (1998), with Jim Carrey playing the small town clerk who gradually discovers the truth that he is the hero of a 24-hours permanent TV show: his hometown is constructed on a a gigantic studio set, with cameras following him permanently. Sloterdijk’s “sphere” is here literally realized, as the gigantic metal sphere that envelopes and isolates the entire city. This final shot of The Truman Show may seem to enact the liberating experience of breaking out from the ideological suture of the enclosed universe into its outside, invisible from the ideological inside. However, what if it is precisely this “happy” denouement of the film (let us not forget: applauded by the millions around the world watching the last minutes of the show), with the hero breaking out and, as we are led to believe, soon to join his true love (so that we have again the formula of the production of the couple!), that is ideology at its purest? What if ideology resides in the very belief that, outside the closure of the finite universe, there is some “true reality” to be entered?(2)

Text by Slavoj Žižek As read by a computer(apparently).
It refers to the Phillip Dick Novel “Time Out Of Joint”
Which was a really neat book about this dude who does crosswords or some other mindless thing unawares that he is also somehow determining the launching trajectory of these missiles that are being fired at the moon.

“Classically in philosophy there was a distinction drawn between
Being with a capital B,
Which a philosophical way of writing the word God or Fundamental Entity
Being Big B.
one among which is dasein
Heidegger, However,and I don’t want to mislead you because many readers have been mislead
is no humanist.”

Rick Roderick From his lecture series Titled””Self under Siege” lecture series”(I’ll note where it is next time i hear it if needed)

Man-It’s beautiful here
I can see the whole valley

Woman-yes and there’s our cottage down there
it’s time to go back isn’t it

but we’re not going
there is nothing there for us.
ah the town’s empty no ones going back
there’s no reason to…none at all…

Such odd
such ridiculous houses”

Woman- “such ugly people I’m glad their gone”

Man- “Gone?

Where did they go?”

Woman-“I don’t know?

Man-“We’ll go back to town maybe next year,
or the year after that”

Or, maybe the year after that

Man- Maybe?


let’s take a swim”

New HD video “Lacan Hangs Up on St. Paul”

Getting out for a change

I’ve been thinking about the concept of care. Like when i read  “In entering into a relationship with an object of desire it attains its Name, defines its personality, it comes alive by giving it intimate attention, it vibrates a Numinosum, the beauty of soul is brought out in a participation mystique.” I think of the relationships i get into with my various interests. Like how I got the idea to take care of the

Tullahoma Tennessee
Tullahoma Tennessee

garden around my house maybe a year ago.

I let that relationship grow and was able to see with more and more depth and resolution various aspect of the garden. Like what the soil was like and how the water ran and the age of different things.

I ripped up the floor of an old shed and stripped everything out and now I sit there alone and think about how


squatting(physically) in this shed on the dirt looking out the doorway I am physically in relatively the same material environment as someone in a third world country. I like to see the dirt and i think i desire to let down finally all the culturally instilled preconceived notions i had about the value of things.


When I think back just a few years ago i realize that I was involved in a culture of death that spread inaction and frustration as life denying stances became valued as death avoiding.

I am pretty sure we may all die but I am totally sure i don’t know for myself what that really means. It looks like no one around me


alive at all. Everyone looks and act dead. Everyone sits and sits and yells and moans yet accepts the limited horizon offered by the cultural worldview derived from the mass media.

Getting out for a change

What Heidegger means to me.

It is like now that I’m down here I stopped thinking about things.  No wait I’m still here but I just stopped brooding.  Perhaps I began to live a willfully discontinuous life.  Before when I was drinking it was like I was in a large hole an I could never crawl up the side without the wall caving in on me. Then I stopped drinking and accepted the facts around me. I figured out something I wanted to do and a way I wanted to live and I made it or let it happen.  I assume I let it because I have found that i have a lot less influence on things then I thought. But since I have been where I want to be I disconnected from the human force that brought me here.  The old me that contained that “identitiy’ dissipated.  I thinks its important to try to tease out what part of that was myself and what part was old habits of mind formed from exposure to unhealthy enviorments.  I Fear the latter for some reason.  I mean is it true this preoccupation with meaning is just an unhealthy  character trait that certain humans have? I think that’s what Richard Rorty was saying in this interview I listened to.  Metaphysics turns out to be not just unnessecary but a willfully unhealthy activity.  The big Idea is we have reached the end of the evolution of human society and a nice Danish style liberal democracy is it’s apotheosis.  Ok then if that’s the case then I am right where I should want to be only I still can’t get any motivation except the motivation toward motivation.  Perhaps I am just giving off some heat.  From where I’m watching lately I can barely make out any actual beings other then myself.  All the other ones are just so confused and beside the point.  But then what’s the art for?  I don’t think I can be satisfied with pure form.
That’s right where Heidegger comes in.  There is still some hope there. I”l have to continue this later.

What Heidegger means to me.

Heidegger, Heidegger, Heidegger

He just pops up all over
I’m currently listening to an interview of a Heidegger Scholar who teaches at Stanford.
I have the Prof. Hubert Dreyfus‘ undergraduate lectures on Heidegger ready on my Ipod.
I always need to go beyond where I am at.

I have finally found a large amount of audio of Intelligent people talking intelligently
I have finally completely removed myself from the degrading world of the common media
though I have yet to gather around me many other people who are of like mind.

Andrew Mitchell on the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger (10-18-05)

Heidegger, Heidegger, Heidegger