The Kingdom Of Ends (New Short Film)

The Kingdom Of Ends
A Tangential Ecology
Original Production.
Directed By SoraxTm
Soundtrack By Figment Topology
Photography By Maurice Arthur FitzGerald
Public Domain Audio From Alessandro Moreschi
recorded in 1904
Fair Use Audio Clips of
Rick Roderick
William Blake (Poem By)
Ernest Becker (form His Book The Denial Of Death)
Bill Wilson Et Al. From The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
Tea Party Demonstration DSLR Video
Provided By Maurice Arthur FitzGerald
Title From Immanuel Kant
The Kingdom Of Ends (New Short Film)


Soundtrack contains samples of

one of Hubert Dreyfus’s Heidegger Section 2 lectures

a portion of sound from an old government sponsored radio show about mental illness called the Tenth Man (Available on the internet archive.)

The dead bird was given to the family by the cat.

I painted all the logs and made the pond myself.

I cut window in the shed and decorated the inside with pages out of The Molecular Biology of the Cell(3rd Edition?)

I made the soundtrack on Sound forge

Using sounds I got by heavily treating some really tiny pieces of some Bartok String Quartet

The Built to Spill on the soundtrack was ambient and recorded by the camera in mono

I edited the film using Sony Vegas

I used Photomatix 3.1 for the HDR tonemapping

I used Photoshop CS4 to make the titles

The highest res version(1920X1200) looks much better but is much to large to upload

All my films from here on out will be mixed in 5.1 surround sound


What Heidegger means to me.

It is like now that I’m down here I stopped thinking about things.  No wait I’m still here but I just stopped brooding.  Perhaps I began to live a willfully discontinuous life.  Before when I was drinking it was like I was in a large hole an I could never crawl up the side without the wall caving in on me. Then I stopped drinking and accepted the facts around me. I figured out something I wanted to do and a way I wanted to live and I made it or let it happen.  I assume I let it because I have found that i have a lot less influence on things then I thought. But since I have been where I want to be I disconnected from the human force that brought me here.  The old me that contained that “identitiy’ dissipated.  I thinks its important to try to tease out what part of that was myself and what part was old habits of mind formed from exposure to unhealthy enviorments.  I Fear the latter for some reason.  I mean is it true this preoccupation with meaning is just an unhealthy  character trait that certain humans have? I think that’s what Richard Rorty was saying in this interview I listened to.  Metaphysics turns out to be not just unnessecary but a willfully unhealthy activity.  The big Idea is we have reached the end of the evolution of human society and a nice Danish style liberal democracy is it’s apotheosis.  Ok then if that’s the case then I am right where I should want to be only I still can’t get any motivation except the motivation toward motivation.  Perhaps I am just giving off some heat.  From where I’m watching lately I can barely make out any actual beings other then myself.  All the other ones are just so confused and beside the point.  But then what’s the art for?  I don’t think I can be satisfied with pure form.
That’s right where Heidegger comes in.  There is still some hope there. I”l have to continue this later.

What Heidegger means to me.

Heidegger, Heidegger, Heidegger

He just pops up all over
I’m currently listening to an interview of a Heidegger Scholar who teaches at Stanford.
I have the Prof. Hubert Dreyfus‘ undergraduate lectures on Heidegger ready on my Ipod.
I always need to go beyond where I am at.

I have finally found a large amount of audio of Intelligent people talking intelligently
I have finally completely removed myself from the degrading world of the common media
though I have yet to gather around me many other people who are of like mind.

Andrew Mitchell on the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger (10-18-05)

Heidegger, Heidegger, Heidegger