Can you know yourself? Can you know a me I wouldn’t recognize?

Can you know yourself? Can you know a me I wouldn’t recognize?

I keep getting all mixed up about things and perhaps that’s due to mental illness.  It doesn’t really matter on an experiential level.

to be truly mentally ill would effect even your own view of mental illness wouldn’t it?  But that still doesn’t mean you can’t feel guilty and all those things does it? No!

but then that would mean everyone is potentially mentally ill and some recognize it in themselves and some don’t.   Some also falsely identify themselves and others as mentally ill.

Too bad there isn’t anything to really measure the extent or type of mental illness an individual has biologically.  Oh there are various organic differences  that coincide with some really vague and general categories of depression or organic brain disease.  An (Illness) like depression or Bi-polar Disorder or ADHD are extremely vague illnesses.  It seems like the only real guidelines you can go with on treating them (especially since with  advent of polypharmacy all the drug are used to treat all the illnesses.) is give someone a pill and see if they come back for more or something different.

It’s funny considering what the pills propose to be able to do that more people don’t fine tune there dosing even more.  Since one thing doctors respond to or in other words the one of  the primary things doctors want to know is which drugs have worked for the patients in the past and what dosage they were on.  If a person can tell a doctor then they can tell themselves whether they feel better or not.  If a person could be truly honest and there actions matched up with some vision they had of themselves in their head then they should be able to gauge what works and what doesn’t especially after consulting intimate non controlling friends or family.

Can you know yourself? Can you know a me I wouldn’t recognize?

The Kingdom Of Ends (New Short Film)

The Kingdom Of Ends
A Tangential Ecology
Original Production.
Directed By SoraxTm
Soundtrack By Figment Topology
Photography By Maurice Arthur FitzGerald
Public Domain Audio From Alessandro Moreschi
recorded in 1904
Fair Use Audio Clips of
Rick Roderick
William Blake (Poem By)
Ernest Becker (form His Book The Denial Of Death)
Bill Wilson Et Al. From The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
Tea Party Demonstration DSLR Video
Provided By Maurice Arthur FitzGerald
Title From Immanuel Kant
The Kingdom Of Ends (New Short Film)