In general A lot of the people who live in the south are uneducated limited sheeplike beings

I got a response to my Local “Hero dies for Idiots’ Post.
It was on my Deviant art site
I for one can’t imagine the denial someone who lost there child in the war
must have to go through.  Of course they may just be completely ignorant, It’s not like
there is an actual mass media outlet that does any valid journalism anymore anymore.
And no one really reads to learn they seem to read to allow themselves to continue to not think.
anyway here’s the comment I got then my reply
“It could also be considered truly humbling that he died knowing that, and willingly did so. That those who choose to serve in the military often do so knowing full well that the majority of the people they are willing to die for are the same idiots that protest their existence and label them murderers, butchers, baby-killers, and any number of other things.”
Baby-Killers there’s a catch phrase. I wonder if any of the pilots knew all the people the indiscriminately bombed. If something is wrong it is your responsibility not to take part in it. The war in Iraq is so profoundly wrong and so transparently evil that the only valid excuse a soldier could give for taking part in it would be some sort of mental retardation. Oh I guess you could excuse a person who has grown up without an education or I suppose even the standard American Education would amount to the same thing. Thee is no use in arguing time will make it crystal clear and once again those sheep among the American people, the ones that would just want to accept anything regardless of any standards, moral framework or basically any reflective thoughts whatsoever. A soldier is not an innocent victim. An innocent victim is anyone who through no fault or action undertaken by them suddenly find themselves dead. Anyway it’s good that there is such a thing as history because rest assured once things have settled down everyone will come to know who is wrong. Kinda like the whole slavery thing. )
Why don’t we take a look at history, lets see…let’s start with Alexander the Great. Slaughtered an awful lot of people but has that “the great” title on him. Lets skip forward a coupla thousand years…Howabout WW2? The great war, an honest war…lost, what? 40 million people? maybe more. A good war, though. Might have found ourselves living under the Third Reich without it. You probably would be in a concentration camp or working some rocket factory if they had prevailed. Or, you might have found yourself a death camp guard. Who knows. See, Maury, there are things worth dying for. There are causes worth dying for. There is honour in life, if you choose to have it. I like you. Wouldn’t mind sitting down and talking cameras with you. But you just don’t get it when it comes to a thing like this. You never will. And no matter how you respond to me, I feel sorry for you.

Well for that to work Iraq would have had to have had some kind of military power or something. See otherwise we’re the ones who are the German nazi‘s because we are the aggressor. But then the Nazi’s were trying to take over the world. Little country big enemy. But now it’s. Big country-but of unfortunate civilians in the wrong place

This isn’t about Iraq or whether or not the war is right or wrong, it is about a young man who gave his life to a cause he believed in. He didn’t fight to stamp out oppresion or save democracy, he fought for his buddies that were there with him. In the end, his sacrifice made it possible for the others to come home.

There is a reason soldiers are young, Maury, it’s because as we age some of us get way too cynical.

I don’t see why doing what you are told is such a cherished American value. I would think not doing what you are told would be more American. Perhaps that’s what lemming do. They all race to the cliff to jump off because perhaps they’ll create a pile of dead bodies tall enough to cushion their buddies fall.
Living ,as I do know, in the south I have really come to understand the subtle power of community opinion. I may not effect me as I understand that these are limited human beings living in fear but I also recognize this worldviews destructive power. It’s a power that comes from a populous of followers. In Tullahoma there are many many signs in public places that espouse the virtues of “Faith”. This faith isn’t in a higher power but in a fear based, willfully ignorant, boring view of the world. A world that is hell not because of its being the world and not heaven but because these people support and fight for the instantiation a of hell which the can then live in. I realize that most people are half-baked couldn’t care less selfish bastards but here in the south when they reach out to something larger then themselves all they can find is cynical fascist doomsday religious cults and hate mongering kleptomaniacal conservative political parties. It’s apparent to me that I’d better stand up and at least try and stick by some sort of uncynical belief that this world can be improved that one doesn’t need to create a hell for everyone. A belief in some reals standards like not killing other people if they aren’t about ready to kill you. It’s in the individual the these belief system have to dwell they can’t come from blind faith. Faith leads to corruption it leads to Nazi’s and Stalinists and hate.

to the contrary…faith and fear are different things. You are simply confusing that which you are ignorant of.
Also, to the contrary, Americans are among the least accomodating of authority. Contrast us to the Europeans who follow government orders carefully and methodically (for example, the Swiss Health System).
If faith was as bad as you believe, then why is it a fundamental part of every human culture? Even Nazism and Stalinism replaced traditional faiths with cults of personality.
The world is not a bad place, Maury. Quit finding evil in every motive.



It’s just that the “Faith” in other here in the south leads to people who are proud of there ignorance. iN A SPIRITUAL SENSE FAITH CAN BE POSITIVE. I can have faith that I am not alone or that if I perform certain actions I will feel better. But Faith as it is understood in this town is obedience to authority. Someone is always interested in what you have faith in because the benefit from it. I certainly don’t see EVIL everywhere. There are evil things happening. And NO faith is blind obedience. Most people do not ever wake up. Most people actually watch television. They are completely oblivious to to the fact that it only shows views of interested parties. There is no way one can have a discussion or learn anything through that form of distorted communication.

From going to a twelve step group I understand the positive aspects of faith but then the group I go to asks nothing of its members and gains nothing from them. People are free to have whatever opinions they want. Churches aren’t like that. Church distort the messages in the own holy book in order to gain things in this world. Look sat the southern baptists or pat Robertson or the catholic priests or …it goes on and on. Education is about coming to understand something without the reliance on faith. In America faith is only used to make people go against there on inborn conscious and do evil things like support the war on terror, the war on drugs, the corporate consolidation and media stranglehold etc. etc. Look at the discourse on television it is completely disingenuous. When the mikes are off the reporters say something completely different. It’s not like thy are journalists but they know they have to say certain things to support some vapid media view of the world. I(n the past people did amazing things in order to change their world into something better. The wobblies for wxample were exteremely radical and at the time they were considered subversive but they were able to understand what there power actually was and use it to get fairer wages and 40 hour work weeks. It was bottom up not top down. Don’t listen to your masters because they don’t serve your interests
In general A lot of the people who live in the south are uneducated limited sheeplike beings