Local “Hero” Dies For Idiots:Memorial For Some Poor dude in Machester Tennessee

Manchester Tennessee
Manchester Tennessee

“Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you Jesus Christ and the American Soldier,
one died for your soul, the other for your freedom,
What we do for ourselves dies with us, What we do for others Lives on forever”

That is what is written on that marble slab.
It really hurts to see people just giving up there
lives for something so evil.
They forgave the German people
only after they had realized what they had done.
Will America ever realize what it has done.
For nothing
for less freedom
for a new fascism
Evil Is Evil
even if it is also banal

I got a response to my Local “Hero dies for Idiots’ Post.
It was on my Deviant art site
I for one can’t imagine the denial someone who lost there child in the war
must have to go through.  Of course they may just be completely ignorant, It’s not like
there is an actual mass media outlet that does any valid journalism anymore anymore.
And no one really reads to learn they seem to read to allow themselves to continue to not think.
anyway here’s the comment I got then my reply
“It could also be considered truly humbling that he died knowing that, and willingly did so. That those who choose to serve in the military often do so knowing full well that the majority of the people they are willing to die for are the same idiots that protest their existence and label them murderers, butchers, baby-killers, and any number of other things.”
Baby-Killers there’s a catch phrase. I wonder if any of the pilots knew all the people the indiscriminately bombed. If something is wrong it is your responsibility not to take part in it. The war in Iraq is so profoundly wrong and so transparently evil that the only valid excuse a soldier could give for taking part in it would be some sort of mental retardation. Oh I guess you could excuse a person who has grown up without an education or I suppose even the standard American Education would amount to the same thing. Thee is no use in arguing time will make it crystal clear and once again those sheep among the American people, the ones that would just want to accept anything regardless of any standards, moral framework or basically any reflective thoughts whatsoever. A soldier is not an innocent victim. An innocent victim is anyone who through no fault or action undertaken by them suddenly find themselves dead. Anyway it’s good that there is such a thing as history because rest assured once things have settled down everyone will come to know who is wrong. Kinda like the whole slavery thing. )

Local “Hero” Dies For Idiots:Memorial For Some Poor dude in Machester Tennessee

what does “evil” mean?

Ants and Cicada
Ants and Cicada

The word evil refers to the idea some people entertain that there is some extra-human type of force that guides humanity to act in a manner that harms other people. Strange as it may seem the closest man can get to being evil is to believe that there is an evil force.  If one believes there is evil then a few things happen. One may informally observe that the people who fervently believe in evil are the same ones who override the natural voice one hears when listening to ones inner voice, since they believe in evil they can doubt their conscious and do horrible and seemingly inhuman thing to other people.  The belief or ideology overrides the natural inclinations to get along with other people and be kind to them.  The “do unto others” concept resonates so well because it is in accord with ones natural inclinations.  However as a practical matter since the Christians and the Jews and many other religious freaks put an Ideology ahead of a inner knowledge of what one should do they essentially are the evil they profess to believe in and oppose.  They do willful and terrible things to other people and believe that’s what some transcendent being who reasons are inscrutable wants them to do.  They proceed to bring what is essentially the doing or harmful things to other people without feeling bad about it.

For example people believe in the ideology of democracy and therefore submit to the power of the state thinking this is the right thing to do. For example every American who dutifully pays their taxes is actually funding the murder of other people.  They can’t bring themselves to override the ideology with their own sense of justice.

I hope god wipes them er us off the face of the earth.

Americans who fund and support torture

unwittingly are perhaps less to blame.

what does “evil” mean?