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Is Something Gone?

All those other people all that time. I wasn’t ever really there and now I’m on the other side. Disabused of the illusions of acceptance and love. I don’t really know what I want sometimes. God when I die I will be quite confused.

Is Something Gone?

Absolutely as False as You Are

tears dripping from my eyes

She was over

People talked of her struggle
and of relief it was done.

that girl was scared to death
and had no where to go.

So she died alone.
There wasn’t a note


she was drunk as hell when she
took whatever ended up ending it all.

she stopped
it was over
her body

her body

was there for there for three days

in a chapel
I stood with my head down
gazing through the drops of water forming on my eyeballs
her father stopped talking and a pastor came up

and attempted to

shove all that feeling into some kind of lesson

having to do
with some fucking bloody corpse on some cross and some
guy named Paul.

fuck him
Does He Even understand suffering.
It doesn’t glorify people
it destroys them.
A suffering person is a person who gets blamed.

The glorification of Suffering is a symptom of a sick soul.
the person I am closest to told me that the worst possible thing
would be to live a long life.
how being around people sucked the life out of her
how she would gladly give her life for that of a cat

and then few hours later I lost all desire to do anything

Absolutely as False as You Are

Nothing Will Ever Be Enough

It goes on and on
and now it’s bad again
and I’m feeling alone again

so many of my
writers and musicians
have killed themselves
Thomas Disch
David Foster Wallace

How can I continue on
I keep hoping I’ll somehow
find some marijuana
but then i know that might
not be so good

I feel like now that I have my medication
I should be alright

but I had a tooth pulled
it makes me feel so mortal
so goddamn useless

I don’t know what I could ever want now
A new camera

When I was a kid things could make me happy

now I am in a zone or on a plane

A plain that stretches out everywhere to nothing

I feel like the pointless shoes I the film Gerry
they just blithely go around in a daze
lost but unable to really be serious
and Instead of going through some melodramatic death scenes
where they remember their past or dread their future
they just stop talking and it’s over

They just stop talking
and that’s supposed to mean something
people are supposed to be able to be happy
people are supposed to want things
aren’t they

I can’t believe there is no father or mother out there
for all of us to find
some loving presence that will make everything ok finally

someone to apologize to
someone who knows more

But that just isn’t the case is it
there is nothing out there

I almost want to pick up a Bukowski book
just to see how it is to never hope
or see if I am missing something
but there doesn’t seem to be anyone
or anything that is out there to save me

and there is but one to hug me
another me
another one for death to cure

No roaring fires
no shelter from the storm
just endlessly slippery concepts
of loss and grief and

It was all for nothing
and I’m just to afraid
to do anything about it

I have become my own god and no one
can say a goddamn thing to me

know one can trump my knowledge
because I ahve thought of or dismissed
every idea
every way out

I wish I were a heroin addict
that would get me in shape
I’d get A nice routine going

I could sleep in comfort till I died

but this isn’t going to happen
nothing ever happens
things are just done

Nothing Will Ever Be Enough