Film Democratic

Film Democratic



This film Is an Experiment.
A group of variously talented and interested people. 

A film will be made using a democratic decision making process.

A group of variously talented and interested people.

The only artificial constraints will be the licensing and the intended venue.

A group of variously talented and interested people. 

The licensing will be creative commons.

A group of variously talented and interested people.

All music, Photography, sound and words will be created by the participants.

Film Credits

All participants will be credited equally.

Notes and Video released afterward may document individual contribution.

The Venue

an idealized arthouse theater

as one would find in a large cosmopolitan city.

This film is an experiment  

This will not be a film made by movie people or theater people.

This film is an experiment

It may not be a film that lends itself to to any wide broadcast situation.

This film is an experiment

Volunteers for this experiment

are required to


     -This is the most important requirement.

One must have hours every week to devote to the project.

 Also there needs to be, especially at the beginning,

times where all participants can meet together.


     – Volunteers must find the idea of being a part of this film compelling.

 So compelling that they actually look forward to doing it.

Cool Things that could happen.

Without any stipulated requirement participants will be

confronted with their own authentic interests.

 By excluding all forms currently broadcast

new opportunities of expression

present themselves.

Learning. Variously talented people collaborating opens opportunities to learn.

Non-hierarchical structure removes all positions of power

 so all participants feel empowered to contribute equally.

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Film Democratic

Gore Vidal is Dead

I saw a headline proclaiming  something like “Gay Author Gore Vidal Dies”. Uggh!

Some people leave us with a lot to think about.
I haven’t read any of his books yet but I plan to. I heard him speak on c-span a few years ago and he struck me as authentic. He certainly spoke outside the context of the mass media and I always appreciate that. I probably haven’t read him because he writes stuff that could be categorized as historical fiction but perhaps his choice of time periods and characters were just a way of getting his points across obliquely.

Gore Vidal is Dead

The sad film Schenectady, New York

When I get old will I have to wear purple to get peoples attention? Will I have to have money?
Perhaps  it’s already like that.  Here I am alone in a room with a computer.  I’m not communicating with anyone accept Mary.  Do people actually ever talk to each other anymore. Does anyone listen.  Why should someone listen to you tell them all the pain their in unless your getting paid or laid for your time?
I just watched the film Schenectady, New York and it made be cry.  All people are lonely and grasping and destined to die.  No one can be who they are or anyone else.  The closeness you feel is imaginary- No that’s not it.
What is it?
I am afraid of talking to people and I feel like a failure.  In the film the main character gets a MacArthur genius grant so he can do whatever he wants without worrying about whether their is an audience.  He uses the money to build a replica of the city he lives in and he hires actors to perform as all the major characters in his life himself included.  Of course it’s not him he sees as him it’s another person acting like him but then the actor of that character in the film(Phillip Seymour Hoffman) is perhaps playing the part of the director and writer.  None of this matters really except he gets to portray a character from a lot of different angles.  The character is all of us and you end up feeling like you’ve just read some french existentialist who can really talk to you.  It’s a sad and intractable position to be a human.

Why do i feel i need to define things and think about them properly and sort them out on paper or express them in art.  Where does that get you? what do you read after you’ve read Dosteoevsky?  A book written without using the letter E? or perhaps one where the main character has no interior life.

In the end isn’t the message of all great writers that one must write.  What does that mean? Perhaps writing a real book requires one to psychoanalysis themselves.  So in the end they can come to the well thought out and personally experienced realization that we are all going to die alone.

The sad film Schenectady, New York

Gathering gathering

I’m listening to these Philip Glass solo piano pieces and they are dragging me into some kind of melancholy, Melancholy so much different then depression.  It’s cold outside now and everything smells so fresh.  I’m drifting into that sweet comfort of a low mood.  But then that would make a nice composition and there are no real compositions in the world only disconnections only non-connecting things stuck all over.  No god no composition no reason only death and if you don’t think so you don’t think.  There is no sureness about anything and yet the music is there and the mood is set.

Glass is so repetitive and that’s what you get with modern classical music.  It’s not all atonal like Schoenberg or conceptual like Cage it’s just so pretty and distant and cold.  I feel myself spread out to the trees and there  leaves are gone and there is no one outside and no snow to muffle all the bare earth.  I”m going not anywhere.

All the films are done speaking to me and all the novels are silent.  I can’t believe— I just smacked the fucking dogs in the other room.  Those barking mewling annoying animals.  I just don’t seem to want them.

I guess I don’t want my kids either. I’m not gonna do anything but eat all my pain and let it go into the toilet.  A complete waste.  a lost animal out on the road waiting to get hit.

One second to the end.  Here it is and then

and then I grab that bottle and start to suck it down and there is so much warmth in being.

The difference is in the motivation.

I don’t really have one and I don’t not have one.  NO I

am not resigned

but then I am not filled with desire for anything.  My life has become a collage of newspaper articles, pictures from magazines various snatches of meaningless drivel.

I could lie on my back with you and point up at the stars.

I could point out the satellites but I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t feel

I can’t bring it here

not today

Gathering gathering

Tearing through the Night listening to great literature

I’m actually scared of driving my paper route.  Well I’m scared of driving it when it gets light out.  It’s a 60+ mile route and It’s usually takes me an hour and 55 minutes or so.  I’m getting faster but I think I can’t do it much faster unless I really start to speed.
I do so love the night and the windy country roads taken at 40 or 50 miles an hour.  I love my 94 Honda civic even though it seems to be geared toward freeway driving (Dammit it’s an Automatic).  It always has something more to give if you floor it, even when your going 60 or 70 miles an hour.
The papers have been late recently because they changed the format. I don’t read the newspaper because it is filled with the worst kind of capitalist Propaganda.  All stories get framed around the economy.  Plus it’s so poorly written.  Oh yeah and it’s way way boring and it gots no good comics no how.
But seriously I don’t ever read it and I doubt many of the other people who deliver papers do.

In fact we all know that the newspapers days are numbers.  It’s insane that the Tennessean This stupid little paper has an army of carriers driving thousands of miles every day just so some idiot who  Don’t know computers can read read it while they drink their coffee.  Coffee they probably put that non-dairy flavored creamer in. Jerks

No but really I love the night and I’ve got an Ipod full of cool stuff to listen to. For example

I Have Unabridged recordings of

james Joyce’s

Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake

I just got T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland

I got Kerouacs Dharma Bums

Sinclair lewis‘s Babbit, Mainstreet, and Arrowsmith.

I got a ton of philosophy Lectures and I just got 2 Funkadelic albums

and some Nick Drake and some Neutral Milk Hotel

and I got Like 14 Frank Black albums and every Bob Dylan Studio Album

And all of Lucinda Willams Studio albums and and and and.

Just can’t let it get light baby

Tearing through the Night listening to great literature

Screw your goddamn bloody corpse god

Evil Baptist Fascists
Evil Baptist Fascists

, , ,

Fuck all of you
Christians, Muslims and Jews

I feel like fisting
then rolling his sorry ass over
and taking a nice long piss all over his
outraged face

I feel like taking handfuls of my own shit
and shoving it
down his
goddamn throat.

And to those who “follow”
don’t you know that
your faith and idealism
is a virus that wipes out your conscious

the physical suffering you glorify
is all you end up producing

I suppose Gods is just a sadist
and when you get right down to it
isn’t that the big payoff for
you meek little sheep

you get to imagine the lions burning
in some imaginary hell



and there are
people going to hell
and it is you and you and you

goddamn bastards

Screw your goddamn bloody corpse god