I’m On My Way……..Out

Nope i certainly don’t know what I’m doing. I tried out the “Non-linear” video editor Edius 5 and found that just like the Pinnacle Studio 14 Hd it proved to be much to frustrating and cryptic to deal with. Perhaps Sony Vegas has spoiled it for me but that program seems so intuitive. It’s just so easy to drag and drop music and sound, still and motion pictures all in a a program that doesn’t tax my system. Perhaps this is why most films really suck. It’s just to technical. I can’t imagine Proust or Kafka wasting their time setting type or making paper. I guess I have a theory about art that doesn’t stress technique. I mean it’s all technique in a way but the striving for technical polish destroys the creation. A good example is rock music. Technically great musicians don’t make compelling music they make impressive music. A Micheal Bay or a Tony Scott film may look nice but since the creator’s purpose is to impress it ends up just being a pointless exercise. Of course I’ve certainly seen the other side of it where some high concept “arteest” who has nothing to say just jumbles some crap together and gets a patron. I wonder how deep these artists actually are? How can people without any curiosity, raised on mass media actually say anything worth hearing. But that’s probably too harsh I mean I love a cartoon like the Family Guy because it seems honest somehow. In the end it’s vapid and pointless but at the same time it brings all the other mass media schtick into perspective. That’s why it’s so great but at the same time it is just pointing out how little compelling “entertainment” there is available. One more thing…We live In New Times… I can freely listen to all this highbrow stuff without succumbing to any rote paths. I can combine anything I want, I have all the capabilities at my fingertips to create a new cinema with the depth of great literature. This is the kind of thing that will never be done by large groups of people with “careers” in art. It will only come from those who somehow comfortably exist outside of these straitjackets. If your the kind of person who thinks that NPR or PBS is in anyway intelligent or interesting you just are not there yet. At some point I thought that too but it was a mistake and if you don’t get out soon you will find your self dying in a tiny little world which you could have transcended if only you had the courage , anger or depression to see what you were actually involved in. It’s all too much to talk about. I can feel this line of thought begin to fray. I’ve spent the last few years not looking at TV except for the Cartoons and since what’s on TV is their major subject I am beginning to lose the references. Personally I like to surround myself with philosophy lectures and audiobooks. Since these things can be obtained for free I just play them in the back round all day long. Hubert Dreyfus, Rick Roderick, Robert Solomon and Slavoj Žižek have hundreds and hundreds of hours of audio and video available that actually takes your head out of your ass. This kind of serious thought is much more fun to engage and there is absolutely none of it on the mass media. It’s strange just how many hours of crap is produced every year and there is not one show or documentary or drama with anything even approaching the kinds of viewpoints and Ideas that are talked about in all of these guys lectures. Of course listening to it is not something anyone who has a vested interest in the current culture could do without destroying their opinion of the life they have led, especially if they have a good job or some religious prejudice. However the vastness of the space opened up by them makes the current tiny little worlds most people live in seem like a complete waste. One quick example would be a person who has spent their life espousing fiscal responsibility and good honest hard work. The don’t make waves and they are really dedicated to their work. What happens to a person like that? Well in today’s culture they end up alone in a nursing home wondering what exactly it is they accomplished. Perhaps they were a banker who finally realizes that all the money they manipulated suddenly dissappeared before their eyes or maybe they are a minister who despite their best efforts was only able to pretend to believed in God all the while actually living in fear. Someone who spends their life working retail or food service don’t actually accomplish as much in their whole lives as a construction worker, nurses aid or garbage man does everyday. These phantom worlds are the province of the vast majority of people. Philosophy and actual art challenges a person to drop out of this society because it does not go anywhere and it never will. The mass Media is a huge consensual penal colony. Ok now I forgot what I was talking about. Oh yeah. I want to use Sony Vegas but I screwed up the installation and I need to reinstall my operating system before I can use it. I also need to figure out how to use the Quick-time .mov format in it since that’s what the canon 7d put’s out. I wait to get this tripod it’s made of aluminum and can hold 11 pounds!! I also have a flash coming and a 16 gig flash card but the most important thing is a wide angle lens which is really hard to come by with the APS-C sensored camera’s( i had to get a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS SLR Lens) unless your willing to spend quite a bit of money. Here is the last Film Short I made (before I got the 7D)

I’m On My Way……..Out

What you don’t hear cannot effect you

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I listened to the quartet for the end of time again today.

I don’t know why I like it so much. I mean I haven’t listened or even got any Stockhausen or John cage. Maybe it’s because people shut up when you play it. Maybe it’s because it’s just so goddamn highbrow that you just know your doing something good for your brain.  I doubt the creation of new neural pathways is an easy matter . If that was the case I would doubt everyone would be so stupid. Stupid and boring.  Why is everyone so so so tired and worn out.  Why are their brains so dispensable.  People just say and think the same thing over and over and over.  It must be the fascist state we are required to live in because we have a democracy.  Can you imaging if anyone just went ahead and thought their own thoughts, if they could even tell what they were.  I mean even on the internet it’s hard to find anything challenging to read or listen to. I have personally scoured the internet for lectured  and audiobooks to listen to and I find myself listening to the same one over and over.  There are a few lectures from berkely that are interesting but that’s about it.  I don’t want to learn fact or vocabulary or how to be an elite or intellectual I just want to be amazed.  I want the world to unfold for me, I want to see thing with new eyes everyday.

Is that to much to ask.

I mean fuck

from the wiki

“It is almost impossible to mistake a Messiaen composition for the work of any other Western classical composer. His music has been described as outside the western musical tradition, although growing out of that tradition and influenced by it.[25] Much of Messiaen’s output denies the western conventions of forward motion, development and diatonic harmonic resolution. This is partly due to the symmetries of his technique — for instance the modes of limited transposition do not admit the conventional cadences found in western classical music.

Messiaen’s youthful love for the fairy-tale element in Shakespeare prefigured his later expressions of what he called “the marvellous aspects of the [Roman Catholic] Faith” — among which may be numbered Christ’s Nativity, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Transfiguration, the Apocalypse and the hereafter. Messiaen was not interested in depicting aspects of theology such as sin;[26] rather he concentrated on the theology of joy, divine love, and human redemption.

Although Messiaen continually evolved new composition techniques, he integrated them into his musical style; so, for instance, his final work still retains the use of modes of limited transposition. For many commentators this continual development of Messiaen’s musical language made every major work from the Quatuor onwards a conscious summation of all that Messiaen had composed up to that time. However, very few of these major works contain no new technical ideas — simple examples being the introduction of communicable language in Meditations, the invention of a new percussion instrument (the geophone) for Des canyons aux etoiles…, and the freedom from any synchronisation with the main pulse of individual parts in certain birdsong episodes of St. François d’Assise.

As well as discovering new techniques for himself, Messiaen found and absorbed exotic music into his compositional style, including Ancient Greek rhythms, Hindu rhythms (he encountered Śārṅgadeva’s list of 120 rhythmic units, the deçî-tâlas[27]) Balinese and Javanese Gamelan, birdsong, and Japanese music (see Example 1 for an instance of his use of ancient Greek and Hindu rhythms).

While he was instrumental in the academic exploration of his techniques (he published two treatises, the later one in five volumes which was substantially complete when he died), and was himself a master of music analysis, he considered the development and study of techniques to be a means to intellectual, aesthetic and emotional ends. In this connection, Messiaen maintained that a musical composition must be measured against three separate criteria: to be successful it must be interesting, beautiful to listen to, and it must touch the listener.[28]”

What you don’t hear cannot effect you

Was not available anywhere on the internet!

posted 08/09/08

So I I asked yougottabekitten to use her boffo typing skills to transcribe this vintage piece of Russian anarchist writing.  This piece was written 0ctober 12 1917 a few weeks before the revolution or perhaps a bit afterward depending on which calender you use (Gregorian or Julian). It caught my eye because it has the same title as the 1992 subgenius video.  Anyway I just love it i found it in one of the books pictured below in this post. The book is “the Anarchists in the Russian Revolution”  ISBN 0-9014-9141-x.

Arise! (Selitsky)

Arise! Arise people! Proclaim your mighty word: Enough! I do not wish to be an automaton. Away with all despots and parasites. I am a man! I want to live, to create my own life. I have the right to life and happiness. I want my happiness to be the happiness of others as well. I want my destiny to be no longer a plaything in the hands of despotic Gods of heaven or earth. At this moment, at this hour, I take my fate in my own hands and reject any further appeal to visible or invisible Gods.

You, Invisible Gods of the Heavens! You call yourself Gods of justice. But where is your justice? You call yourselves Gods of truth. But where is your truth? You say you are punishing evil. But where is your punishment? You are omnipotent. But where is your power? You are ubiquitous. But where are you then? You are all-knowing Gods – you knew and permitted these crimes. And now that human beings perish by the thousands and the whole earth wallows in blood, you all-powerful Gods are powerless to stop this nightmarish drama of humanity. You are ubiquitous – looking in silence at the sea of tears and the rivers of blood. You have not a drop of compassion for the human beings you have created. You bless this orgy of animal passions. You thrive on blood. You thrive on death. You thrive on humanity’s misfortune.

Thus you are the Gods not of life, but of death, not of happiness, but of misery, not of freedom, but of oppression. You are all of you despots, criminals, tyrants. Bloodthirsty Gods. Your godly machinations are revealed in the following stupid desires: I want – I shall create. I want – I shall take. I want – for myself. I want – so he will remain in a fog.

Arise! Arise then people! Disperse the nightmare surrounding you. Take the voice of truth as your own possession. Put an end to all the stupid desires of earthly and heavenly deities. Say “Enough – I have risen!”

And you will be free.

Was not available anywhere on the internet!