Notes on Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”

Gosh darn I don’t know people. I get caught up in these little eddies spinning around going nowhere. People what the hell is a people.  I can barely get my legs free of the tarry sucking culture how am I to have any regard of another human as another human.  

     Got to listening to that last Cormac Mccarthy novel “the road”.  It’s got to be one of the few books I’ve read actually written in this century.  It’s funny to read a book written in modern day america especially if you’ve read a lot of classics but Mccarthy kinda one me over, I had previously slogged through one of his earlier novels and I watched that No Country for Old Men and and…..Wait just a second I had quite an experience last night listening to the book.  Here’s a blurb I just made up “Mccarthy’s novel uses it’s fantastic premise to highlight the inner turmoil of a man alone in a meaningless world”.  The post-apocylptical setting is pretty vague and the cause s of the apocylypse really aren’t that important except to underscore the perhaps tragic aspect of human thought filling book upon bloated book for no good reason.  

      The book is about a guy and his son walking down the empty roads of america some years after the apocylpse.  The boy is innocent and the father exists only to protect him.  The mother gave up and commited suicide before the narrative starts.  So there it is and I ain’t done yet.  It’s got the whole cannibalism thing going for it which makes you wonder about all human interaction in a modern  capitalist country.  But that’s just icing.  The real scary stuff is when you stop thinking about the premise and realize it’s about a scared adult trying to do the right thing in a viscous land while at the same time realizing deep down the futility of doing anything. But you try to stick it through and give some hope to your little scared inner self even though this may actually be prolonging a hideous existence for the sake of nothing.  

   I gotta finish it.


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