Strange Is A Person

Strange is a person Lyrics

by Door Mode 5200

Baby bottle
are you a person? 
People are people when you’re a person
Faces look ugly when you’re alone
People seem wicked when you’re unwanted
Streets are uneven, when you’re down
When you’re a person
Faces come out of the rain
When you’re a person
No one remembers your name
When you’re a person
When you’re a person
When you’re a person
People are people when you’re a person
Faces look ugly when you’re alone
people seem wicked when you’re unwanted
Streets are uneven when you’re down
When you’re a person
Faces come out of the rain
When you’re a person
No one remembers your name
When you’re a person
When you’re a person
When you’re a person
When you’re a person
Faces come out of the rain
When you’re a person
No one remembers your name
When you’re a person
When you’re a person
When you’re a person
Strange Is A Person

On Not Watching the “Debate”

No Talking Keep Cranking

I’m glad I didn’t watch the debate. What are they debating anyway? Spending cuts, deficits and taxes. Why do people listen to that stuff? Do they think that is a way to act like an adult like it shows other people you are a responsible person? One needs to debate about a deficit when the fed can’t even give money away? Cut spending so more money doesn’t get spent to buy stuff? This will help the economy? You would think that after the last bank crisis the press might allow some people who have actual ideas about real things to talk occasionally. But then I wouldn’t be listening anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. I keep thinking about all the young able bodied Americans who are in prison, school, the armed forces or just unemployed. I guess it really doesn’t take much work to produce enough food and build enough houses for everyone to stay alive. Seems like there are actually way too many houses all sitting empty. Why do people even bother worrying. Even the people who actually have jobs rarely do anything productive. I work in a doctors office and at least 95 percent of the work is shuffling papers. A lot of the people who do actual work like building things or harvesting crops are immigrants used by “business” men to make them an “honest” buck while they are denied many basic human rights. Sometimes I think the people who really hate immigrants are the same people who don’t want to realize that they do nothing for no one. If everyone one washed their own dishes and made their own food no one would have a job. Its kinda sad, technology has made the economy so productive that people really don’t have to work that much but instead of realizing that and making some changes people are led to believe they need to support a larger prison population, more higher education and a bigger military and if they don’t have a job they should just feel really bad and stay out of sight. What else can people really do anymore? There is no public culture in America. The occupy movement looked so weird because it joined human beings together without giving people there marching orders. There is power in people just being together as people. If people went to school to learn how to think and act for themselves and be part of a living culture, if they turned off the TV,realized it was an empty box that had removed their souls and instead of getting up and going someplace else to get told how to be they just turned to their neighbor and started a conversation about what its like to be a human. Imagine people talking about what it’s like to be a imperfect fallible mortal human being able to make decisions and do things out of some inner desire instead of trying to act and feel like some twisted “ideal person”,some manipulated advertising created capitalist statistic analyzed and picked apart by the new technocratic high priests.

On Not Watching the “Debate”

Figment Topology (The Poem With Photographs)

Figment Topology

In the past it seemed like
people could see me

like they might even
be able to perceive
extra aspects of myself
that I couldn’t
but now
I think I know
that I don’t exist
you see
The thing I had
seen as myself
was just a figment
I had misapprehended
as a construction
of others
I made that self
out of turning away
I’m actually just
the stuff
lying outside of that
Boxed in slide
I am not the spawn
of the projection
of other people

I may believe
they can see what shows up
in the world
to see

I am not
my body
I am not a
physical being
I am just a plane
that captures the waves
entering my senses
those things
that come inside,
and form
I’ll never
be sure

Figment Topology (The Poem With Photographs)

John Wayne Wasn’t Heidegger Who Was Actually A Nazi

I was cutting up this philosophy lecture to use in a new film. The lecture was about the Frankfurt school. The professor was talking about the theory that the embrace of the rationalist enlightenment ideal by leaders inevitably leads to fascism. He was talking about Sartre and Camus and freedom and responsibility and what consciousness is and being……and then he came out with this line “…In Other words Heidegger was a nazi”. Boy that really struck me a funny for some reason..The first thing I thought of was the MDC song “John Wayne Was A Nazi
Here’s the video of the song.

That was such a great song. It was so catchy i can almost remember all the words. which were….

John Wayne was a Nazi
He liked to play SS
Kept a picture of Adolph,
Tucked in his cowboy vest
Sure he would string up your mother
Sure he would torture your pa
Sure he would march you up to the wall
Sure he would hang you by your last ball

He was a Nazi
But not anymore
He was a Nazi
Life evens the score

John Wayne slaughtered our Indian brothers
Burned their villages and raped their mothers
Now he has given them the white man’s lord
Live by this, or die by the sword


John Wayne killed a lot of gooks in the war
We don’t give a fuck about John anymore
We all heard his tale of blood and gore
Just another pawn for the capitalist whore


John Wayne wore an army uniform
Didn’t like us reds and fags that didn’t conform
Great white hero had so much nerve
Lived much longer than he deserved


Late show Indian or Mexican dies
Klan propaganda legitimized
Hypocrite coward never fought a real fight
When I see John I’m ashamed to be white
Death bed Christian of this you avowed
If God‘s alive, you’re roastin’ now
Well John, we got no regrets
As long as you died a long and painful death 

Not only is the song catchy but the sentiment is personal.  Not only do we hate John Wayne but we like that he had to die and wished him pain.  Of course john Wayne wasn’t a Nazi and the song really wasn’t personal. It had nothing to do with John Wayne it was all about the stupidity of those men who idolized him.  Dim slow men sitting around in there chairs drinking . Doing what they were told without out really giving it a second thought.  The song is more about the media or popular opinion.  We look back at the old cowboy film and we think “well we don’t think like that anymore” and yet then we see thing happen in  Vietnam and then Central America and we think well now that we know…….

At least that’s what we used to think back in the eighties but it’s 2012 and we currently live in a country that makes the good old eighties seem like some kind of freaking Disney theme park.

John Wayne Wasn’t Heidegger Who Was Actually A Nazi

12 excuses to not do

  • Excuses not to do

  • 1. I am too angry

  • 2. I can’t think straight

  • 3. I am too depressed

  • 4. I am too tired

  • 5. doing is overrated

  • 6. anything I do is likely to be counter productive

  • 7. I am sure I will regret it later

  • 8. there isn’t anything worthwhile to do

  • 9. someone else has already done it..better

  • 10. perhaps not doing it will make a bigger statement

  • 11. my reasons for doing are corrupt

12 excuses to not do

Can you know yourself? Can you know a me I wouldn’t recognize?

Can you know yourself? Can you know a me I wouldn’t recognize?

I keep getting all mixed up about things and perhaps that’s due to mental illness.  It doesn’t really matter on an experiential level.

to be truly mentally ill would effect even your own view of mental illness wouldn’t it?  But that still doesn’t mean you can’t feel guilty and all those things does it? No!

but then that would mean everyone is potentially mentally ill and some recognize it in themselves and some don’t.   Some also falsely identify themselves and others as mentally ill.

Too bad there isn’t anything to really measure the extent or type of mental illness an individual has biologically.  Oh there are various organic differences  that coincide with some really vague and general categories of depression or organic brain disease.  An (Illness) like depression or Bi-polar Disorder or ADHD are extremely vague illnesses.  It seems like the only real guidelines you can go with on treating them (especially since with  advent of polypharmacy all the drug are used to treat all the illnesses.) is give someone a pill and see if they come back for more or something different.

It’s funny considering what the pills propose to be able to do that more people don’t fine tune there dosing even more.  Since one thing doctors respond to or in other words the one of  the primary things doctors want to know is which drugs have worked for the patients in the past and what dosage they were on.  If a person can tell a doctor then they can tell themselves whether they feel better or not.  If a person could be truly honest and there actions matched up with some vision they had of themselves in their head then they should be able to gauge what works and what doesn’t especially after consulting intimate non controlling friends or family.

Can you know yourself? Can you know a me I wouldn’t recognize?

Here is a slice of something. I mean its taken out of something

Here is a slice of something.   I mean its taken out of something.  No It’s more like a small window on various processes of thought that don’t really have an end yet.  Garden type stuff -things that change imperceptibly, things that grow to become other things.  I’ve been thinking about micro climates.  I think the problem I have with being in the physical 3D  environment  Of This Specific Middle Tennessee location is that it lacks things like frogs or snakes or salamanders.

But then I’ve actually physically worked on reshaping and cleaning the environment around the house i live in so now I have the benefit of a little closer look at the situation.

To think about things like salamanders Is thinking way way too big.  I’m sure there are many insects whose whole life occurs in a very small area.  In fact if I imagine how the environment of a salamander or a frog or perhaps something more exotic yet indigenous differs from what I find around here I realizes that since all is tilled or covered or somehow worked there is no place where there is still water over any given time span.  I remember when i first encountered frogs as a child in Muckleteo Washington.  Our next door neighbor had a pasture with a low spot that never dried up so much that the frogs wouldn’t breed.  I saw and felt the polliwogs all through there life cycle just because I was truly bored and that seemed to be momentarily more interesting than holding the electric fence or catching snakes.

A few year later when I was in middle school Olympia Washington and lived in a brand new cul-de-sac full of similar duplexes.   There was a little path that led down a ravine of sorts and there was a quiet  pool there.  Tit was surrounded by some bushes but there was a large rock to sit  and it appeared to have been there for years. Only now do I realize what a transcendent experience the hours spent there were.

Then again I could go back to grade school and remember the time I made up my favorite word.  THe school I went to was built near the building with the largest enclosed interior space ?  I remeber looking out of the schoolbus everymorning and noting whether the giant doors were open and what huge unpaited planes were being built.

But the beauty of that kind of pond is that it is out of the way and it is quiet.  To find that this kind of an inviroment produces these little jewel like frogs is really miraculous.  And maybe that’s what this is about.  It’s about stopping and consciously considering things in a pleasant environment that is away from any distractions of a carelessly manmade nature.  It’s actually really amazing to realize that there must be many many hidden places  where the soil hasn’t been worked for years and there are rotting trees(I am sure there is a technical term for this but…) and moss covered rocks.  But it seems that at least in some places these areas are the only private space some people have to drink with there friend so the end up rather befouled. I wonder why that wasn’t the case with the pond in olympia?  Maybe it was actually much closer to the duplexes then I remember. Hell it doesn’t matter does it? I’ve been to Thoreau walden Pond(Small Lake) and I realize now that even if Thoreau was only a small bit away he could come to find himself in an entirely natural setting.  Natural in the sense that it hasn’t been made into something, that for the purposes of a childs outlook or the present moment one is phenomenologically experiencing an enviroment that is  uncultured.  Metaphysically the conscious experience of  being in a park is a completely different thing but if the land appears free of obvious ownership and is easily at hand then one can get the sense of being a human animal free to roam about in in nature.  Of coarse that is just in a sense because you truly cannot roam about the land freely.  But in the being of the sitting by the still pools on can see how a brain in this environment would be much less distracted by the weapons of the advertisers.  By the subliminal effects of all archetecture one spends ones life in.  By the value easily percieved of all the things placed around one.  The huge light on the corner, the strong flat asphalt the large complicated “miracles of engineering” rolling around everywhere taking people around because that’s what people do in these places.  One grows up riding around in these things from childhood and yet to think about them as non-integral to ones life seems insane.

Here is a slice of something. I mean its taken out of something