some tawdry little personal tragedy


I started watching the Turin Horse. It certainly is affecting. It put my into a little trance and I went in the library and started taking some slow panning shot of my bookcase. I could still hear the music from the film in my head. I can still hear it now in fact.  Lately I’ve had a piece of this lecture in my head. I’ve been trying to find it so I can put it in a new film. The lecturer states that everyone ends up dying alone in some tawdry little personal tragedy. I keep thinking about that. Some day you are  gonna trip on a Lego and the world will end. Someday a little blood vessel will burst in your head and it will be over. I assume most people spend their life distracted themselves from the thought of death.  I don’t think the personal nature of the situation really gets fully appreciated in our society. People spend their lives staring at screens filled with artificial people doing artificial things.  Reality is the new art space.  Actual Human life is lived in front of a screen. No one has anything to say because nothing can be heard. By the time someone realizes they are going to die it’s to late. The culture is inhumane.  But I always seem to end up sounding bitter when I write these kind of things.  I don’t have anything to be bitter about though because I have finally woken up again.



some tawdry little personal tragedy

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