A trip to the thrift store to buy a few books

Well I got out to the thrift stores today. I was able to find 2 pretty interesting books. I got a nice Modern Library edition of Capote’s In Cold Blood and the  First Edition of A book by Bruno Bettelheim called A Home For The Heart…….It’s the Book Bettleheim wrote before The Uses of Enchantment which is the one about Fairy Tales I had to read at  college. Any way Bettleheim ended up being a pretty controversial character. Among other things he defended Hannah Arendt‘s book Eichmann in Jerusalem which was famous for it’s characterization of Eichmann as being  just some boring bureaucrat (thus the “Banality of Evil“) Which of course he probably was. (remember how Ward Churchill got in trouble when he called the people working in the Twin  Towers “Little Eichmann‘s”). Heck if you get right down to it anyone who shops at Walmart or buys an something from any big corporation could be some kind of Eichmann. Just living in the united States and accepting the way things are is eichmannish.  Don’t we all kinda know that our government is up to no good. Aren’t most of the “Good’ jobs essentially all about subverting other people into doing things they probably shouldn’t. Buying stuff they don’t need, accepting poor working conditions, respecting synthetic “rights” of property……..yea that’s it….I mean if your not growing food, building something or taking care of somebody what are you doing. I think most people just kind of do what they are told, you know, because that’s what a normal persons role is and That’s pretty much what Eichmann did.

A trip to the thrift store to buy a few books

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