New Forms Of Information Immersion

It’s terrible to think about just how stupid you have to make yourself in order to enjoy what is offered on the mass media.   The internet has made  some thoughtful media available. There are classes from universities and lectures that remind one of being in a university where thethe ideas mattered more than some “career track”.  That is a feeling few people have experience until recently .

Imagine what the intellectual life would be if one was never properly introduced the body of thought explored by the rest of the worlds intelegensia.  This is the case in America where professors are not political figures   Mass media in America is aimed at the audience it’s advertisers want.  They don’t want people who don’t listen to advertising.  The level of discourse currently seen on american television peaks with certain lectures by intellectuals such as noam chomsky  whose almost been around long enough to have a rather large and diverse audience.  But you won’t see a a nice two hour discusion of Chomsky’s linguistic theory.    Shows pitched to the American television audience segment made up of people considering themselves a bit more “educated” are no better.   Topic discussed on PBS show Nova are framed within the much more important aspect of the show and that is the wrapping of the subject into a generic plot introduced to frame the story making it resemble many other types of telivision programs.  Races against time, fawning character studies of scientist, scary information about previously un-worried about issues.

The current crop of media is usually un-produced audio or video of people talking.

I propose people begin to make films on video editing software from historical photographs and archives and footage from an HD cinematic video camera.  I envision something that would combine these resources into an extremely condensed  blast of informational immersion.  But not  to be consciously listened to for a narrative structure. but more like a various repeating mantra’s of various openings in the  cohesive structure of  current thing we think of as combining  most basic assumptions in what we can see

New Forms Of Information Immersion

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