Here is a slice of something. I mean its taken out of something

Here is a slice of something.   I mean its taken out of something.  No It’s more like a small window on various processes of thought that don’t really have an end yet.  Garden type stuff -things that change imperceptibly, things that grow to become other things.  I’ve been thinking about micro climates.  I think the problem I have with being in the physical 3D  environment  Of This Specific Middle Tennessee location is that it lacks things like frogs or snakes or salamanders.

But then I’ve actually physically worked on reshaping and cleaning the environment around the house i live in so now I have the benefit of a little closer look at the situation.

To think about things like salamanders Is thinking way way too big.  I’m sure there are many insects whose whole life occurs in a very small area.  In fact if I imagine how the environment of a salamander or a frog or perhaps something more exotic yet indigenous differs from what I find around here I realizes that since all is tilled or covered or somehow worked there is no place where there is still water over any given time span.  I remember when i first encountered frogs as a child in Muckleteo Washington.  Our next door neighbor had a pasture with a low spot that never dried up so much that the frogs wouldn’t breed.  I saw and felt the polliwogs all through there life cycle just because I was truly bored and that seemed to be momentarily more interesting than holding the electric fence or catching snakes.

A few year later when I was in middle school Olympia Washington and lived in a brand new cul-de-sac full of similar duplexes.   There was a little path that led down a ravine of sorts and there was a quiet  pool there.  Tit was surrounded by some bushes but there was a large rock to sit  and it appeared to have been there for years. Only now do I realize what a transcendent experience the hours spent there were.

Then again I could go back to grade school and remember the time I made up my favorite word.  THe school I went to was built near the building with the largest enclosed interior space ?  I remeber looking out of the schoolbus everymorning and noting whether the giant doors were open and what huge unpaited planes were being built.

But the beauty of that kind of pond is that it is out of the way and it is quiet.  To find that this kind of an inviroment produces these little jewel like frogs is really miraculous.  And maybe that’s what this is about.  It’s about stopping and consciously considering things in a pleasant environment that is away from any distractions of a carelessly manmade nature.  It’s actually really amazing to realize that there must be many many hidden places  where the soil hasn’t been worked for years and there are rotting trees(I am sure there is a technical term for this but…) and moss covered rocks.  But it seems that at least in some places these areas are the only private space some people have to drink with there friend so the end up rather befouled. I wonder why that wasn’t the case with the pond in olympia?  Maybe it was actually much closer to the duplexes then I remember. Hell it doesn’t matter does it? I’ve been to Thoreau walden Pond(Small Lake) and I realize now that even if Thoreau was only a small bit away he could come to find himself in an entirely natural setting.  Natural in the sense that it hasn’t been made into something, that for the purposes of a childs outlook or the present moment one is phenomenologically experiencing an enviroment that is  uncultured.  Metaphysically the conscious experience of  being in a park is a completely different thing but if the land appears free of obvious ownership and is easily at hand then one can get the sense of being a human animal free to roam about in in nature.  Of coarse that is just in a sense because you truly cannot roam about the land freely.  But in the being of the sitting by the still pools on can see how a brain in this environment would be much less distracted by the weapons of the advertisers.  By the subliminal effects of all archetecture one spends ones life in.  By the value easily percieved of all the things placed around one.  The huge light on the corner, the strong flat asphalt the large complicated “miracles of engineering” rolling around everywhere taking people around because that’s what people do in these places.  One grows up riding around in these things from childhood and yet to think about them as non-integral to ones life seems insane.

Here is a slice of something. I mean its taken out of something

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