Making Films Again–Baby Steps

Well today I decided to make a film that would incorporate my HDR photography. For a few months now I have been taking a walk every day on a path which goes over a small pedestrian bridge. From the bridge on can see a beaver dam. A few days ago I set my camera on the bridge in a particular spot and marked it by scraping away at the metal railing with a little screwdriver. This gave my a spot to go back to on different days and take photo’s of the same scene. So that day I took multiple exposures and combined them to make a HDR(High Dynamic Range) photo. This is the photo that appears at the beginning and the end of my film. Today i went back down to the bridge and shot some video of the same scene. I used that “footage” to create the middle of the film and also captured the ambient noises which you hear on the soundtrack. I used an editing program Vegas Sony to put it all together and then I uploaded it and now you can see it. I also made a time-lapse film of the same scene but i had to upload that separately as the program i make those with isn’t compatible with the one i made the film with..Darn. It’s feels strange to begin working on making films again. I look back on the films I created last year and I can see how inspired I was. I can’t believe I could ever have created those things. But back then I never made a connection with any kind of audience so when I broke down there wasn’t any community around me to really notice. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do that kind of thing again. Today when I was working on my films I felt that i entered the same kind of head space or zone that I had in the past but man am I stressed. I feel like i’m ready to explode all the time. I’ve been taking all this new medication so maybe it’s just some side effects that will go away. So maybe eventually, slowly i can get back up on my proverbial feet and start creating stuff I’m proud of. Maybe my head will come back online. I can’t shake the feeling that I used to be able to think better. Or maybe i was just that I was able to maintain a different attitude. The kind of attitude that made me feel like It did not matter what people thought. That I would eventually find some kind of audience, That what I was doing had some kind of intrinsic worth, that even if I died alone and was forgotten at least i made some things that were great and if no one recognized that it was their loss.

Making Films Again–Baby Steps

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