Total Internal Reflection

The thrift store had a whole set of the hardbound  journals called Neurosurgery clinics of North America so I got all of them for a couple of dollars.

One issue was on Penetrating Craniocerebral Injuries.

It includes These lively  articles

  • Epidemiology of Penetrating Craniocerebral Injuries in the Urban Setting
  • Characteristics of Cerebral Gunshot Injuries in the Rural Setting
  • Experimental Missile Wounding of The Brain(includes details on anesthetizing  your various animal subjects so you can shoot them while they are still living)
  • Cerebral Hemodynamic Disturbances Following Penetrating Craniocerebral Injury and their Influence on Outcome
  • Penetrating Injuries in the Vietnam War: Traumatic Unconsciousness, Epilepsy, and Psychosocial Outcome

That would be something to read. Lately I think about this stuff though

I like having pictures of things I’ve thought about.

Total Internal Reflection

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