Whose Doing Something???

Whose doing something?

Is that guy floating in that tank of water not receiving any sense perceptions actually doing less than some other guy on a couch holding a remote and watching TV?
The amount of physical work one does really has no bearing on the appreciation you receive. However once one begins to recognize the similarity of body types and the similar restrictions of movement one realizes an equilibrium has been established wherein the very poor and the very rich live in pretty much the same environment and do pretty much the same thing.
Both groups of people usually just sit where ever it seems comfortable and begin to make decisions based primarily on there personal comfort. The people who have “have money” are usually involved in some kind of financial scheme wherein the the actual value of the paper they are holding needs to be protected in some artificial way. For example the foreclosure rate of the current real-estate does not increase in a way that allows the “value” of the mortgages to fall to dramatically.
The money that went into the inflation of the house prices was actually the same money people used to continue to “buy” unneeded items. The production of these unneeded items in turn supported the wages of people whose own country had never been a consumer based culture. Soon this “excess” money returned to the laborers spawned
new “financial systems” wherein the newly inflated housing prices resulted in “instant spendable surplus” that partially went to inflating the the housing prices still further until suddenly these pieces of paper, representing exactly the same thing they did years before, are now worth an exponentially greater amount. The common assumption or the natural inclination is to think that because the population is growing land is naturally going to get more expensive. But just isn’t the case if it were then population density would be the deciding value in the price of a particular piece of land but this is not the case. Land is a purely financial instrument whose utility as human animal environment is secondary. it’s existence as an material instantiation of a useless and harmful financial instrument is what value all human dwelling. What the fuck0000000000000000000000000000

Whose Doing Something???

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