Once you see Badgeman

They didn’t necessarily see Badgeman in the beginning.  That Mary Moorman Polaroid only yielded Badgeman in retrospect.  It doesn’t really matter if he WAS there cause now you see him. Or is he obviously there and the Badgeman concept itself is only recognizable once you become knowledgeable about Badgeman.  I mean I didn’t personally spend to much time staring at the photo of Badgeman before someone pointed out Badgeman. Yet I can still see how someone might not have recognized Badgeman before he was pointed out.  I can see it especially clearly and even describe how a person might have just conceived of a Badgeman as being the only shape whose visible remnants could make such a pattern of light to be left on the paper.  But then again that description of the concept of Badgeman came to me with the photo of Badgeman.
The situation came to me all in one piece really.  The pattern of light on the paper, the subsequent overly of the Badgeman figure followed by the concept of a person seeing something that only looks like it’s there because it has been suggested to him.
It all came together and that is all there is.  There is no end.  There is no bottom or behind.  The pattern of light’s connection to the image. The minds connection to the Idea.  The Idea of a pattern of light. This Idea right here.  None of it is ever pinned down.  None of it ever ends because in the very beginning there was no beginning it all just happened once there was a happening.
What is a happening anyway.  If you go back and inquire you are struck with the rigid fact that there is and never will be a back.  A back overlaid with a subsequent recognition of the subsequent recognition.  The overlaid back which only came to be from that third remove sometime later.
Here we are now but now is just a referral to the past from some new place.

Once you see Badgeman

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