Do you know where you are?

The only way to get out of something is to know first and foremost where it is you are.

Do you know where you are?

Are you in some physical place right now or are you in your head or are you your thoughts?

It seems apparent that an easy self-reporting of ones basic location with respect to easily identifiable landmarks held in common will never occur

This might be possible if we were just bodies but we aren’t those kinds of things are we?

I mean you can’t physically sense your own thoughts because you are in a thought when sensing anything to begin with.

This seems important because if we think of our selves as analogous to an object such as a body existing in three dimensional space

then we can easily make the mistake of believing that we are in some way separate and as free to move in thought as we can physically on the earth.

But what if it’s more analogous to some other situation?  In fact what is the situation to begin with?

Is there any way to “distance”  oneself  from thought.  Is there really so much of a difference between believing  and knowing something—- and how is direct experience related to these ways we have of categorizing second hand or cultural concepts about certain experiences.  I suppose it all comes down to what I can perceive as direct experience.


This would vary among individuals relating to there ability have direct experiences.  An actual experience with an actual other thing.  When a babies head hits the ground the baby directly experiences what it is like to for them to have that happen randomly and unexpectedly. The  objects  intrinsic experiential nature  remains veiled to the extent that what is known is about it is what allows us to bring it forth and separate it as an object both outside of our direct control and part of a whole coherent world picture which was created by beings such as ourselves who also came in contact with things or have things come into being through a circumstance.  The often haphazard  grouping of aspects of the world we choose to only see under a much broader and variegated collection of things we consider a whole such as a dog or a floor.

Do you know where you are?

2 thoughts on “Do you know where you are?

  1. Joli says:

    dreyfus has the one lecture where he talks about near and far… or drawing things close and distancing them as human attributes… i don’t know… i didn’t understand it ver well.

  2. Joli says:

    alan watts said that the ground of our existence is invisible to us… or something like that… the basis of our life…for example, if you try to see your head, you can’t. what we take for granted and operate from… we are no longer conscious of.

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