Death Of The Real God

You know I think the most important thing I learned from [link] that it was possible to see the world and my place in it through a completely new lens. Before that I never really learned anything because I was always striving to fulfill some insane role I made up for myself due to my unconscious and conscious exposure to the mass media. Any role based on competition is perfect. They create the race then sell you the equipment or the consolation. The media is way way more distorting and powerful than seems to be acknowledged(By Whom?). It’s like the “they” is manufactured by the marketplace and sold back to us. It’s not a real thing. There is no God like that. There is no they like that. The miracle of the marketplace was just the power of capital the find avenues to turn money into more control to make more capital and spread the overall amount of control capital can attain.

Death Of The Real God

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