being true to ones self

Course your right Elin it’s just I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of Sinclair Lewis lately.

Live and let live sure I agree.

But I was listening to this Lecture series about twentieth century American literature and the professor had this really stupid set of books picked out so it didn’t look promising to me.  Once I started listening he explained his reasoning.  He was picking out books under the assumption that american literature was uniquely about individuality and being true to oneself.  Therefore he had Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner and so that kinda makes sense until you actually think about what individuality is.  If one cannot extract the parts of ones personality that are culturally conditioned then you cannot truly be yourself.  Sinclair Lewis pounds home repeatedly the hypocrisy and self misunderstanding that stems fron growing up in a sick and twisted culture.  Hemingway, FitzGerald and Kerouac a good examples of writers and humans who were unable to extract themselves from their culture and ended up letting the culture Kill them. But then Sinclair Lewis died of advanced alcoholism just like Kerouac but at least he wasn’t living with his mother he was in Europe.


being true to ones self