I’ll give myself five minutes to do this or else it’ll take twenty years.  I haven’t drank since I made a fool of myself but didn’t end up in the hospital.  I DON”T KNOW ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I replaced the two ceiling fan lights in the kitchen with big bright full spectrum 120 watt flood light and thats good.

Listening the Mysterious stranger (Mark Twain) and listening to Babbit (Sinclair Lewis) could be considered very very deppressing as they are both extremely pessimistic about human nature.  But this pessimism doesn’t originate in a self loathing turned outward as is commonly displayed on the mass media but rather a deep saddness and empathy for some vision of goodness and possibility that humans sometimes exhibit when they are truly free.  Unfortunately for Sinclair lewis this vision ended up haunting him as he drank himself to death.  Twain didn’t drink himself to death though and I haven’t so there you go.


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