Tearing through the Night listening to great literature

I’m actually scared of driving my paper route.  Well I’m scared of driving it when it gets light out.  It’s a 60+ mile route and It’s usually takes me an hour and 55 minutes or so.  I’m getting faster but I think I can’t do it much faster unless I really start to speed.
I do so love the night and the windy country roads taken at 40 or 50 miles an hour.  I love my 94 Honda civic even though it seems to be geared toward freeway driving (Dammit it’s an Automatic).  It always has something more to give if you floor it, even when your going 60 or 70 miles an hour.
The papers have been late recently because they changed the format. I don’t read the newspaper because it is filled with the worst kind of capitalist Propaganda.  All stories get framed around the economy.  Plus it’s so poorly written.  Oh yeah and it’s way way boring and it gots no good comics no how.
But seriously I don’t ever read it and I doubt many of the other people who deliver papers do.

In fact we all know that the newspapers days are numbers.  It’s insane that the Tennessean This stupid little paper has an army of carriers driving thousands of miles every day just so some idiot who  Don’t know computers can read read it while they drink their coffee.  Coffee they probably put that non-dairy flavored creamer in. Jerks

No but really I love the night and I’ve got an Ipod full of cool stuff to listen to. For example

I Have Unabridged recordings of

james Joyce’s

Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake

I just got T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland

I got Kerouacs Dharma Bums

Sinclair lewis‘s Babbit, Mainstreet, and Arrowsmith.

I got a ton of philosophy Lectures and I just got 2 Funkadelic albums

and some Nick Drake and some Neutral Milk Hotel

and I got Like 14 Frank Black albums and every Bob Dylan Studio Album

And all of Lucinda Willams Studio albums and and and and.

Just can’t let it get light baby

Tearing through the Night listening to great literature

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