Nobody thinks(5000 hits of Acid)

Have You Gotten Up Yet?
Have You Gotten Up Yet?

posted 05/31/07

nobody really
actually thinks new thoughts
it seems to me

mostly I’m thinking the
same thing over and over again
I’m laughing at the same jokes

today i was
in a twelve step meeting
and when I had a chance to speak
I said
“Now that I have Money (Meaning I paid my rent on time)
all I do is go out and buy these extremely hard to read
philosophical books.  I got a stack of em two feet high.
I never read any of them.
I kinda feel good that some of the books I’m buying
are actually supporting the thought that went into them-at
least in the marketplace.”

But the luxury of being in a mental hospital
or detox or unemployed and not drunk
and having some time to read is really
something I need to get back to.

or perhaps not
perhaps reading is just like playing
a board game
like passing the time

I don’t  think “passing the time”
is something I want to do.

it’s funny that that sisyphus fellow
was condemned to a pointless
and absurd task
and yet that is basically
all that is available to do in America.
I could grow some food
so that someone can sit and play cribbage
in a house i could build.

Then we could build some really large
imposing steel fortresses on wheels
and drive them to some job where we essentially
do nothing for nobody

There are whole cities and countries
filled with people who have no purpose

It’s a shame those people died in the world trade center
but it didn’t make a dent in world trade
or anything else for that matter

All the so called riches in America aren’t
used in the service of anything worthwhile
all we get is these zombies driving around
collecting things to impress other zombies

I mean America as it stands
stands for nothing
it has no purpose

perhaps thats
why the fascist fundamentalist movement
is so popular

I think it takes a bit of an education
to even begin to think a thought that
isn’t reactionary or programmed

but then no one in America
gets an education
it’s all indoctrination
and valueless

I think everyone in America
should take 5000 hits of acid
every week until we get this thing
figured out

Nobody thinks(5000 hits of Acid)

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