She thinks we live like rednecks

She said we live like rednecks but i Wonder?
What is a redneck?
Personally I’m a long haired, brain damaged, self-obsessed
Intellectual freak.
Perhaps it’s the yard that is redneck.
There is that carpet I ripped up to uncover the wood floors.
It just sits on the lawn not being picked up.
Maybe rednecks prefer wood floors.
Perhaps it’s all the crap on the front porch.
For some reason I painted a bunch of logs and concrete planters
and one of those wood framed glass windows with this glossy enamel spray paint.
Maybe baby blue and pale yellow are redneck colors.
Maybe she feels self conscious because of the piles of books we have in the house.
Great mounds of postmodern philosophical texts, classic Russian,French and English novels.
Buckets of the most abstruse modern American lit i could find.
Perhaps your typical redneck always has the complete works of Kafka spilling
out of their overstuffed book cases.

I wouldn’t know
because I Don’t have any Idea what people do around here.

I do notice a large quantity of Mcpeople about.  Well actually when we drive around delivering papers
we go through neighborhood after neighborhood of these strange empty houses with empty yards in which I
assume people live.  I’m not sure what they do but it sure looks expensive.

She thinks we live like rednecks

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