Was not available anywhere on the internet!

posted 08/09/08

So I I asked yougottabekitten to use her boffo typing skills to transcribe this vintage piece of Russian anarchist writing.  This piece was written 0ctober 12 1917 a few weeks before the revolution or perhaps a bit afterward depending on which calender you use (Gregorian or Julian). It caught my eye because it has the same title as the 1992 subgenius video.  Anyway I just love it i found it in one of the books pictured below in this post. The book is “the Anarchists in the Russian Revolution”  ISBN 0-9014-9141-x.

Arise! (Selitsky)

Arise! Arise people! Proclaim your mighty word: Enough! I do not wish to be an automaton. Away with all despots and parasites. I am a man! I want to live, to create my own life. I have the right to life and happiness. I want my happiness to be the happiness of others as well. I want my destiny to be no longer a plaything in the hands of despotic Gods of heaven or earth. At this moment, at this hour, I take my fate in my own hands and reject any further appeal to visible or invisible Gods.

You, Invisible Gods of the Heavens! You call yourself Gods of justice. But where is your justice? You call yourselves Gods of truth. But where is your truth? You say you are punishing evil. But where is your punishment? You are omnipotent. But where is your power? You are ubiquitous. But where are you then? You are all-knowing Gods – you knew and permitted these crimes. And now that human beings perish by the thousands and the whole earth wallows in blood, you all-powerful Gods are powerless to stop this nightmarish drama of humanity. You are ubiquitous – looking in silence at the sea of tears and the rivers of blood. You have not a drop of compassion for the human beings you have created. You bless this orgy of animal passions. You thrive on blood. You thrive on death. You thrive on humanity’s misfortune.

Thus you are the Gods not of life, but of death, not of happiness, but of misery, not of freedom, but of oppression. You are all of you despots, criminals, tyrants. Bloodthirsty Gods. Your godly machinations are revealed in the following stupid desires: I want – I shall create. I want – I shall take. I want – for myself. I want – so he will remain in a fog.

Arise! Arise then people! Disperse the nightmare surrounding you. Take the voice of truth as your own possession. Put an end to all the stupid desires of earthly and heavenly deities. Say “Enough – I have risen!”

And you will be free.

Was not available anywhere on the internet!

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