-Living In The Cheapest Place In Olympia

-Living In The Cheapest Place In Olympia-Downtown Weekly monthly-
–Drinking alone everyday–
–then she came down to see me
–and I believe I asked her the pee on me
–if it had been the other way round then it would have been about her
(turned out it was only a facsimile of the real thing which was then only found in porno magazines and x-rated videotapes where you could enjoy it as gad meant for you to in the privacy of your own bedroom:ALONE.)
I was reading Perec‘s Life: A users manual for the second time and I found some weird synchronicities
between the book and my life but then it didn’t matter I mean I’m not about to spend my life drawing
watercolors only to have them cut into extremely difficult jigsaw puzzles which I would then spend
my latter years putting together so they can then be restored as if nothing had occurred.

–couple years before in the midst of failing out of the Evergreen State College
—I found myself in Marblehead Massachusetts in the very top of this four story mansion built on the water.
I was sleeping alone for some reason. Probably because I had destroyed that first relationship insane jealousy and drinking.
It was her fathers house. Well that’s when I ran across a copy of Waiting For Godot and read it straight through.
It was funny about life being so blatantly ridiculous. Absurd things aren’t sad. Nothing is sad if it isn’t serious which nothing is.

—I met the first person into whose vagina I placed my Penis the year after I graduated from High school (G.P.A. 1.95). I was living on the yuppie granola (It was heaven thinking back) Bainbridge Island and the closest community college was Seattle Central Community College. I enrolled in an inclusive 12 credit integrated studies course. It was based on courses taught at the Evergreen State College. So this Girl who wore a long blue coat and had long frizzy hair. I don’t know why I kept talking to her. I had met no one else in any classes except for one homosexual dude who is another story altogether. Any way once I had her over to the house on the Island and when I got her into the house immediately took her downstairs to my room because I felt really ashamed. I believe we kissed and I touched her all over and I thing I may have used my mouth as I remember some taste or something. I don’t believe I took my pants off. A few days later I was able to enjoy the experience in privacy where it actually happened. Somehow I was able to then break things off by running the fuck away and not turning back. I failed out of all my credits and ended up back on Bainbridge Mowing lawns and watching films on video. I think I began to read Philp K. Dick about this time.

—–So somehow i got a job as a courier so I could drive all over the place and listen to books on tape (the first one was I, Claudius by Robert Grave) or read them if I was on the ferry.
but then I started school again at the Olympic community college. I soon lost that courier job not because I drove it once while on acid but because the acid must have affected my ability to find where i was going. These often were military sites.

—————-finally I ended up at evergreen able to look down my nose at the two friends I hung around with who also hadn’t left home or found a steady job. But then appeared
the frizzy haired blue coated girl who I immediately got extremely drunk with and proceeded to take to my room and have some kind of sex or something. I’m sure I didn’t come but I remember driving on the freeway with her shitfaced to the huge mega cub foods and buying condoms.
____ i avoided her like the plague after that but I quickly found my first love who got on top and took care of things and then we were never apart for months and then came the shrine made of bottles of tequila and then came the cops and then came the other lover and the hospital for me.

-Living In The Cheapest Place In Olympia

One thought on “-Living In The Cheapest Place In Olympia

  1. abstinencethecondom says:

    Ahh, memories..
    Granola and acid in the bathtub at Evergreen State College! Driving drunk on 101 -getting turned around in the Safeway parking lot and even maneuvering that turn on the bridge heading into glorious downtown, with the bars and clubs!

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