Written At the Escape Java Joint In Madison Wisconsin

I’m here listening to a couple of students from the U of Wisconsin.
They are both in some Master’s program to do something literary or
something having to do with plays. It’s about as interesting as
listening to the people at AA about how they hate their work or
saying, “I love my work, just not the politics.”
The senior of the two is about a jaded as a piece of jade. I mean,
these are the people who should be working at McDonald’s. It would do
them good. According to the older dude, there really is nothing worth
learning in these classes. The best you can hope for is to get a job
teaching others. I wonder if the realize that they haven’t even begun
to learn anything except to be a parasite in the most affected way
they could come up with.
They believe in a god so much they live inside of him unawares. All
their motives and actions are taken to serve this god. Submission to
authority in such a way as to become able to fulfill the role of
passing down the belief in submission of authority.
This enables those who succeed in academia to be able pretend they
have become their own masters, when it was their mastery of submission
that brought them that ability. One that can be passed down by
exercising this authority, which is ultimately based the acceptance of
another authority.
Unfortunately, there is no final authority or purpose to underpin in
the whole operation. It’s just a way to occupy your time while living
of the backs of the people who unwittingly produce things like food
and shelter. Plus you get respect, which you pay for by not telling on
the people who actually control almost all of the capital produced by

Written At the Escape Java Joint In Madison Wisconsin

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