Film Democratic

Film Democratic



This film Is an Experiment.
A group of variously talented and interested people. 

A film will be made using a democratic decision making process.

A group of variously talented and interested people.

The only artificial constraints will be the licensing and the intended venue.

A group of variously talented and interested people. 

The licensing will be creative commons.

A group of variously talented and interested people.

All music, Photography, sound and words will be created by the participants.

Film Credits

All participants will be credited equally.

Notes and Video released afterward may document individual contribution.

The Venue

an idealized arthouse theater

as one would find in a large cosmopolitan city.

This film is an experiment  

This will not be a film made by movie people or theater people.

This film is an experiment

It may not be a film that lends itself to to any wide broadcast situation.

This film is an experiment

Volunteers for this experiment

are required to


     -This is the most important requirement.

One must have hours every week to devote to the project.

 Also there needs to be, especially at the beginning,

times where all participants can meet together.


     - Volunteers must find the idea of being a part of this film compelling.

 So compelling that they actually look forward to doing it.

Cool Things that could happen.

Without any stipulated requirement participants will be

confronted with their own authentic interests.

 By excluding all forms currently broadcast

new opportunities of expression

present themselves.

Learning. Variously talented people collaborating opens opportunities to learn.

Non-hierarchical structure removes all positions of power

 so all participants feel empowered to contribute equally.

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Gore Vidal is Dead

I saw a headline proclaiming  something like “Gay Author Gore Vidal Dies”. Uggh!

Some people leave us with a lot to think about.
I haven’t read any of his books yet but I plan to. I heard him speak on c-span a few years ago and he struck me as authentic. He certainly spoke outside the context of the mass media and I always appreciate that. I probably haven’t read him because he writes stuff that could be categorized as historical fiction but perhaps his choice of time periods and characters were just a way of getting his points across obliquely.