New HD Short: Ripping Apart At The Top

Here is a brand new film.  It’s started some musical experiments I was doing.  I was playing this cheap casio keyboard and heard something so i kept playing the same thing over and over then I tried to make something similar using the higher quality fruity loops program.  Part of the spoken sections come from an audio version of Slavoj Žižek’s The Matrix, or, the Two Sides of Perversion and another part comes from  an NPR broadcast(inadvertantly broadcasting something uesful) adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story The Wind by Brigham Young University(of all places).  The phot0graphs consist of various pieces from a MOMA art torrent that’s been going around.

The underlying theme is always somewhere beyond my immediate grasp so if there are strange and disturbing things in it they weren’t put there in any  consciously manipulated way

Slavoj Žižek,Ray Bradbury,mental illness,philosophy,outsider, alienation, photography, art, minimalist,